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Where Wildflowers BloomTitle WHERE WILDFLOWERS BLOOMAuthor Ann ShoreyPublisher RevellJanuary 2012ISBN 978 0800720742Genre Inspirational historicalFaith Lindberg lost her father and brother to the Civil War maybe They hadn t shown up on the casualties list, yet, but she is left alone with her grandfather She also dreams about another soldier, Royal Baxter, a man who took her hair ribbon and her heart, five years ago Now Faith s grandfather is ailing He is leaving her in charge of their mercantile, but Faith wants to get away from her haunting memories and start a new life in the Oregon territory But business is failing, losing many customers due to the fact that a woman is running it The older customers especially think it is shameful Curt Saxon has demons of his own, facing war time nightmares when his memory fails him and he s fighting an invisible enemy He knows he s in no place to court a woman, but he does befriend Faith s grandfather and helps them out when he can Still, he hopes someday to be in a position where he can speak to Faith When Royal come home, Faith allows herself to dream that they ll finally wed But does he truly love her Or will Curt claim her heart WHERE WILDFLOWERS BLOOM is book one in Ms Shorey s new series Sisters at Heart I love Ms Shorey s historical romances and couldn t wait to settle down and read WHERE WILDFLOWERS BLOOM I wasn t disappointed I could feel Faith s worry over her grandfather who was becoming increasingly unstable both mentally and physically, and her frustration when the townsfolk won t support her grandfather s business because she is forced to run it Curt too was heartbreakingly real I ve read about other men who battled post war disorders I can t remember what its called but it is a very real disease I hoped he d find peace with his demons and be able to embrace a normal life I thoroughly enjoyed WHERE WILDFLOWERS BLOOM and highly recommend this book 14.99 328 pages. This was a fairly food book I kept getting aggravated with Faith She kept trying to sell her grandfather s store, even after he kept telling her he did not want to sell out and move to Oregon Then she decides to marry Royal, just so she can get to Oregon, even though she did not love him. The War Between The States Stole A Father And Brother From Faith Lindberg As Well As Royal Baxter, The Man She Wanted To Marry With Only Her Grandfather Left, She Dreams Of Leaving Noble Springs, Missouri, And Traveling West To Oregon To Start A New Life, Away From The Memories That Haunt Her But First She Must Convince Her Grandfather To Sell The Family S Mercantile And Leave A Town Their Family Has Called Home For GenerationsWhen Royal Baxter Suddenly Returns To Town, Faith Allows Herself To Hope That Her Dreams Might Come True Does He Truly Love Her Or Could Another Man Claim Her Heart Will She Find That Following Her Dreams May Not Mean Leaving Home After All The Characters In Where Wildflowers Bloom Jump Off The Page And Into The Reader S Heart Author Ann Shorey Infuses Her Characters With The Virtues And Quirks That Bring Them Fully Alive As They Search For Contentment And Love I have enjoyed past stories from Ann Shorey but this one left me with very little enjoyment Faith and Curt s story was not a favorite I really don t care for characters who don t speak up I was waiting on Faith and Curt to speak up through out the whole book With all the uncertainty it left it quite boring for me. Title Where Wildflowers Bloom Sisters at Heart 1 Author Ann ShoreyPages 328Year 2012Publisher Revell This is just a lovely story to begin this new series by Ann Shorey Set in 1866, in Noble Springs, Missouri, Where Wildflowers Bloom is the love story of Faith Lindberg and Curt Saxon There are a few subplots to keep things interesting The second book in the series, When the Heart Heals, will be reviewed soon as well Curt Saxon has recently moved from St Louis, Missouri, to Noble Springs for a fresh start in life after serving in the military during the Civil War He has physical scars as well as psychological ones He works at the town livery, but before the war he was a math teacher Why the change in career He lives with his sister, Rosemary, who served as a nurse during the Civil War Some of the shallow people in town snub Curt due to his scar, but not Faith She befriends Curt and Rosemary In fact, Rosemary becomes her best friend Curt helps Faith look after her aging grandfather with whom she lives Her grandmother and mother died before the war and her father and only sibling, a brother, died in the war Curt also helps protect Faith when the mercantile owned by her grandfather is subject to theft He helps her figure out the finances her grandfather has let go for over a year Faith is in charge of the mercantile and this upsets some of the townspeople who think a woman shouldn t engage in commerce Curt supports her He falls in love with her, but thinks she is interested in someone else so he doesn t tell her how he feels initially Does he wait too long to tell her how he feels Since he is fairly new to town, the sheriff thinks Curt is responsible for the troubles at the mercantile Can he overcome the sheriff s suspicions and find proof of his innocence Faith dreams of leaving Noble Springs to travel to Oregon for a fresh start for herself and her grandfather Everything reminds them of the family they have lost prematurely to death Her grandfather warns her that she can t run away from her memories, but she doesn t listen She secretly gets supplies together, places an ad in the paper to sell the mercantile, and inquires of the wagon master if they can travel to Oregon with him Her grandfather is furious when he finds out she is pursuing this journey without his knowledge Faith thinks that since they talked about it, she can convince her grandfather to agree and wants to have everything ready for when he does She has had a secret crush on Royal Baxter since he left to fight in the war He doesn t even remember her Then, he begins to show a romantic interest in her She is flattered someone so handsome and charming is interested in her He, too, is going to travel to Oregon It must be fate that they go together as husband and wife, right Someone spies Royal in one town when he has told Faith he will be somewhere else, and he was with another woman At first, Faith believes Royal innocent, but doubt continues to niggle at her Could Royal have lied to her Why As Royal pressures Faith to set a wedding date and sell the store, Faith becomes miserable This should be the happiest time of her life She finally realizes she has been living her life and trying to solve her own problems without God I ve done that before and that really didn t work out Once she turns to Him, all becomes clear She knows how to proceed God has a plan for her life and for ours My rating is 3.5 stars.Note I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at The fact that I didn t discard this book after five pages is proof that it is better written than most Christian fiction Curt Saxon is suffering from soldier s heart PTSD and is trying to put his life back together after the Civil War His story had real potential, but got lost in the narratives of the other superficial characters Faith Lindberg has lost her parents and brother and is trying to help her increasingly senile grandfather run his general store.According to the author s notes, Ann Shorey has written many books and teaches writing classes So the faults of the book must not lie with Ann as much as with the expectations of her editors or reading public First, the high school level of emotions between the protagonists is something that really bugs me about most CF electric shocks running through their bodies when they touch, etc Then there s the clueless heroine who listens to no one when they advise her to avoid the handsome, womanizing villain His kisses are great He must love me, right I get a huge kick out of how CF novels go out of their way to avoid the word huff or sigh I noticed it often in this book and have seen it in dozens of others as well She blew out a breath, She huffed out an exasperated breath, Grandpa huffed out a breath, Faith puffed out a breath, and my favorite She heard his sharp exhalation over the sound of horses hooves and singing crickets There has got to be a way to say this without distracting the reader so much. WHERE WILDFLOWERS BLOOM is a wonderfully enjoyable novel I d give it 4 1 2 stars if there were a way to do that I like mystery suspense novels or well written historicals This novel falls into the second category, with just the slightest hint of mystery suspense The setting is well researched with hundreds of little details that seem small but added together paint a clear picture of 1866 This is the second historical romance I ve read this year in which the hero suffers from what we now call PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In both stories, the problem is shown believably as a real condition In WHERE WILDFLOWERS BLOOM, Curt Saxon was wounded in the Civil War and now bears a prominent scar to mark his service He is also plagued by nightmares, headaches, and flashbacks where he thinks he s in combat once Since moving to Noble Springs, MO, he s been attracted to Faith Linberg But what would a pretty young woman from a respectable family want with a disfigured livery hand Still, he can t help doing whatever it takes to be her friend.Faith is put off by Curt s appearance at first, but only because she fears he may be just another one of the vagrants so common in town since the war ended His actions, and kind, gentle nature, quickly dispell her doubts Then she befriends Curt s sister and it seems romance may be in the works.Unfortunately life isn t that simple Faith has been anxiously awaiting the return of Royal Baxter, whom she believes herself to be in love with Just as Faith has made up her mind to get Grandpa to sell the family store and move West with her, Royal arrives back in town Perhaps now Faith will marry and settle down in Noble Springs Except Royal has his heart set on becoming an officer in the US Army and he thinks moving to Oregon might provide better opportunity Is this Faith s chance to get away from painful memories Or will her new friendships prove to be stronger ties to the town where she grew up The mystery suspense comes in when the Lindberg Mercantile is robbed The sheriff supspects Curt Faith is determined to find the real culprits and clear Curt s name Honestly, I figured out who done it early on, for the most part, but it was fun watching everyone try to solve the crime.Another story thread is Grandpa s dementia In 1866 they didn t call it Alhzeimer s and often than not an afflicted person would be put into an asylum Grandpa s actions and the reactions of those around him are realistic and at times heart wrenching All in all, this novel has depth that will keep the reader turning pages right up to the end The only critism I could possibly give is that the title has almost no connection to the story But for one brief mention about meadows of wildflowers in Oregon, there s nothing to make the reader think, Ah, that s why the title So what Whatever the title, this is a novel to be recommended to anyone who enjoys historical romance I give it 5 stars Step inside the Lindberg Mercantile and you ll see two chairs hugging the checkerboard table with the regulars Mr Grisbee and Mr Slocum slouched over a game in process Pull up a chair to watch the animated game while you re warming up next to the stove from the crisp chill outside A glance over your shoulder will recognize the ever hard working Faith behind the counter, struggling to make the store run a profit whilst burdened with recent store robberies and her increasingly forgetful grandfather Perhaps give a nod of encouragement to her, sympathizing as you observe her enduring snobbery and persecution knowing that these days were a time when it was often frowned upon for women to work in professions.In this realistic and heart warming historical tale set in 1866 not too long after the Civil War finished, Faith Lindberg desperately longs to leave Noble Springs, Missouri, far behind along with its painful memories of losing her brother and father in the war She dreams of travelling with new settlers out west to Oregon with her grandfather Only one thing stands in her way at first, and that is to talk her grandfather into selling She is convinced she is doing this predominantly for him and will help him to be happier and to thrive once again Is it herself though, that is trying to run away from the aching memories When the handsome Royal Baxter arrives back in town from the war and takes up in interest in her, Faith can hardly believe it And when he says he will take her to Oregon, she feels her dreams are finally coming true So then why is it she continues to think of the moody Curt Saxon who works at the Livery Curt s sister Rosemary Saxon who was a nurse during the war, has become a close friend of Faith s, and it pains Faith to have to say good bye to the best friend she has ever had However Faith has to do what is best for her grandfather, and soon her plans are well under way.Before you help pack up the checkerboard pieces, a glance around the store reveals the Sheriff now chatting to Faith about a recent robbery, prompting an unnerving feeling Who could it be breaking in and stealing the Lindberg s valuable merchandise Another quick glimpse in the direction of the kitchen goods reveals Rosemary busily dusting them with her feather duster, while the Sheriff snatches peeks at her With a sigh, you head out of the double doors of the mercantile, bemoaning the day its doors will close on this deep rooted piece of Noble Springs Where the Wildflowers Bloom has a gentle but strong pulse that beats its way into your heart touching your spirit with the messages of friendship and faith, and compelling you with its intrigue and sweet romance A thoroughly enjoyable read I was so excited when this book was free on kindle at the beginning of the year Though I was initially not super enthusiastic about reading it, when I saw it would be free I jumped at the chance to read it I ended up loving it way than I thought I would. I really couldn t get into this book Its author is clearly a talented wordsmith, the book had a lot of things going for it, but the heroine was just too darn weird Trust me, Faith, you don t have to go to such extremes to create needless problems for yourself, life will just provide you with plenty of difficulties anyway Faith s obsession with Oregon made no sense as hard reality kept dropping into her lap over and over, yet even after allowing herself to briefly see the light, she would just forget about it and go back to perseverating about Oregon againand again The author isn t clear on just what is the source of Faith s impaired thought processes and dysfuncional behaviorObsessive Compulsive Disorder, Organic Brain Damage, both So, she wanted to move someplace without memories why not just blank them out and ignore them, just like she does to reality, she s good at that but why Oregon, instead of sayChicago, St Louis, Nashville What would she do for a living there after wasting the proceeds of illegally selling her grandfather s store out from under him to get there Farm She said she didn t know how to grow anything But the question of how to survive in Oregon is probably irrelevant when the long grueling trip was guaranteed to kill her grandfather, probably Faith as well if Royal didn t do so first , and no real wagon master would sign on people who were incapable of holding their own because catering to their needs would jeopardize the safety of everyone else And when it comes to weird obsessions that make no sense because hard reality keeps presenting itself over and over, how about her obsession with Royal Baxter, no skip that, I don t even want to go there And speaking of impaired reality contact, how about that dumb sheriff, Look, I can ignore all the evidence that is right in front of my nose to show that I have even brain damage than the dumb bimbo Nyah, I win Okay, maybe I am being too realistic, but I always find that a spoonful of realism helps the fiction go down in a delightful way.

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