White Devil (Vampire Empire, #1)

White Devil (Vampire Empire, #1) Bestselling Commission Writer Amp; International AwardWinning Graphic Designer Presents: A Paranormal Action Romance

“There Are No Dark Princes That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet Into An Eternal World In This Land, But Their Looks Sure Can Drive The Mortals Mad Dare To Take A Bite, Dear?”
─ Amethyst Zi Britannia

In An Alternate Universe, The World Is Divided IntoMajor Supernatural Species, Each Living In Their Own Continent Each Species Has Their Own Opposition, And For The Vampires, It's The Hunters

Amethyst Is A Pureblood Vampire Princess And Heiress To The Throne She Likes To Have Everything Perfectly In Order, But The Truth Is, Danger Is Always One Step Away From Harming Her Beloved Ones

Altore, Her Brother, Can't Seem To Stop Picking Fights With Her Fiancé, Vallénce Elric Is Their Younger Brother, And Something Sinister Has Been Brewing In Him Since Their Mother's Death Scarlet Is Their Cousin And Her Adopted Son, Orphaned When His Parents Were Killed When He Was A Newborn Julius, Her Father And Emperor, Is Battling Constant Depression From Losing His Wife In A Crossfire These Deaths Only Prove That Being An Immortal Is Just A Fragile Eternity

Before She Can Get Her Happy Ending, She Must Fight For Peace And Justice A Rebellion Leader Has Infiltrated Their Empire's Border, And The Revelation Of His Identity Will Make Her Want To Undo Every Single Mistake Of Their Lives

Stella Purple™ is a #1 bestselling Smashwords author and international award-winning graphic designer, 22-time-award-winning author of Romance (reverse harem/polyandry) and High Fantasy (action-adventure) fiction. She writes in a wide variety of projects from original manuscripts to highly customized commission stories constantly on daily basis, and holds her own world-breaking record of over 1,000,000 words written in less than 2 years, ultimately earning herself an unofficial title as "The Flash" by folks on social media.
Critically-acclaimed writer and designer Stella Purple™ tells her stories through carefully crafted wor(l)ds, vividly graphic visualization, and boldly groundbreaking themes. Her signature style is fast-paced, action-packed, and otherworldly, full of lore, gore and darkness.
Her interests include world building, art and literature, and films. Ironically, she reads much more fanfictions than published books. She's an avid reader/binge watcher on all things blockbuster and romance. When not researching or working, she focuses on finding new ways to redecorate her new home. She now lives in her firstly owned duplex, and has graduated from college with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design.
Her books can be found sold at every available retail stores anywhere.
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10 thoughts on “White Devil (Vampire Empire, #1)

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    White devil had a creative storyline but really failed when it came to good writing.

    The poor sentence construction and spelling errors really make it hard to read. It was also choppy. Jumping from one scene to the next without connecting them sufficiently.

    In general the writing was very superficial. It glossed over details of interest and instead attempted to use flowery wording to compensate.

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    This book seemed to have an interesting concept, however, I did not find it to be executed very well. There were a ton of spelling mistakes and the writing itself did not flow. The characters were as confusing to follow as the story line.

    Note: I read this book for free on swoonreads.com

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    It was a pretty epic read as far as vampire book goes. Considering the dates, the author was probably still very young when she started this, but I was lucky enough to have gotten my hands on the recent edition and did not encounter too many typos (though I did read it with my read aloud feature on) for an indie book. Excellent world building, intriguing dynamics.

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    Utter rubbish.

    It's really terrible and written so poorly.

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    Could not finish it

  6. says:

    Probably the worst writing & editing I've ever seen. Not worth buying!

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  8. says:

    Excellent read! Not your average vampire story! If you like badass/smart/powerful heroine, then this book is for you.

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    I started reading, it didn't hook me. I persevered, I wasn't liking it, so I stopped. The writing style was arduous, plot didn't flow and possible just not what I thought it was going to be or was in the mood for. I might try again in future, but unlikely now.

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