Whitechapel I was really looking forward to this novel, I thought it sounded great The back cover says Whitechapel the final stand of Sherlock Holmes combines the actual events of the investigation into Jack the Ripper s crimes with the canon of Arthur Conan Doyle Historically accurate, graphic and bold This is Sherlock Holmes as you ve never seen him, and will never be able to forget I have to agree with much of that description, unfortunately it wasn t at all what I imagined It was certainly graphic and bold, so much so that it completely turned me off, the blood, guts and gore was over the top Generally I like filth and grit, especially rats and plague But this story was not my cup of tea and I only made it to page forty before realizing that it wasn t worth spending any of my time on It wasn t going to be something that I would enjoy I m not sure who would enjoy this, I will venture to say that if you have tastes similar to mine you would not like this I recently read David Pirie s trilogy featuring Arthur Conan Doyle which I really enjoyed and can recommend The Patient s Eyes The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes, The Night Calls The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Water The Strange Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes The second of the three was my favorite I wish Pirie would continue with in the series.Maybe fans of horror would appreciate Bernard J Schaffer s version of Sherlock Holmes, unfortunately it was not for me. Author Bernard Schaffer hits it out of the park with a stylish, fictionalized story of the notorious killer Jack the Ripper with one of the ultimate investigators in fiction, Sherlock Holmes As expected, it s not for the faint of heart, but the book reads smoothly and carries the reader into the world of Dr Watson and his relationship with the aging Sherlock Holmes The horrific nature of the crimes returns the love hate relationship of Holmes with law enforcement officials The story carries beyond the investigation by Watson s narrative of the lives of those involved, and the ultimate destination of Sherlock Holmes, revealing the people that affected his life the most This is an excellent book for horror genre, Sherlock Holmes fans, or mystery fans that can handle the graphics Congratulations, five stars This is the vilest piece of stuff that I had the misfortune to read in some time It is utter rubbish on the following counts 1 Mere usage of two creatures named Sherlock Holmes Watson does not make a book a pastiche The author should be hauled up for plain simple charatcer assassination by any Sherlockian.2 Even as a Ripper novel, the book fails utterly The research is shoddy if not non existent , and even the descriptions do not tally with the reality for that, I would recommend readers to go through books by Philip Sugden and other scholars.3 Sherlock Holme a cocaine addict , as a theme, has been done to death So has been done with Druitt, and all other charatcers whose names had cropped up during the investigations into the killings.4 The language is so thick with present day Americanism s that even to describe it as a book dealing with events of 1888 would be wrong.No, this book actually doesn t deserve any stars but Goodreads wouldn t allow it But unless you get it for free like I had, offered by , don t even think of reading it, although evena a free copy would turn out to be totally unreadable after a few pages AVOID IT Whitechapel The Last Stand of Sherlock Holmes is simply a masterpiece, although it is not a typical Holmes novel Bernard Schaffer spins a dark, terrifying tale of a serial killer, how he developed his insatiable desire and how it eventually destroys him The story is told from the different points of view of the killer, the victims and those who are trying to stop the rampageand those who encourage it Although the story is told through several points of view, the primary characters are the killer, Montague Druitt and Dr Watson Schaffer takes us on Druitt s twisted psychological journey to satisfy his addiction to murder It not a journey for the weak of mind or stomach, for it is gruesome and sick right from the beginning But then that is how monsters such as Druitt come to being and Schaffer lays out this process so we can understand While Druitt is a monster, the reader may have some sympathy for him because he comes to know he is a monster and his murderous deeds are eating him alive He doesn t understand why he has to kill and kill in such a repulsive way, but we learn why and understand fate was against him Watson is thrust into the unfamiliar role of conducting the investigation without Holmes as Holmes has become a shell of his former self, incapacitated by his addiction to cocaine Watson joins forces with the beautiful and engaging Irene Adler Schaffer plays Adler s free spirit against Watson s formality as he develops their relationship Together they go undercover in an attempt to lure the killer to attack Irene, with near disastrous results Although Watson is engaged to his beloved Mary, he cannot help but to be taken by Irene We also see the story through the eyes of Inspector Gerard Lestrade and other officers investigating the murders Through their eyes we learn that there is never just one victim in a homicide Inevitably, the police officers investigating a homicide become victims also Their families also often suffer In the end, Holmes comes back to solve the mystery, but he cannot undo the carnage and the collateral damage In fact, Holmes cannot even affect the capture of Druitt The end of this book leaves the reader unsettled and provoked into thought on one hand and satisfied on the othera sure sign of a great book Schaffer uses the Sherlock Holmes mystique as a vehicle to tell a much different kind of story His talent is evident as he masterfully develops his characters and weaves them into the many levels of this book I am anxious to read his next offering. Hmm, if this book was only about Jack the Ripper I think it could have been so good I really enjoyed those chapters But I hated the way the author portrayed Holmes, Watson and Lestrade Wouldn t recommend to any Sherlock fans 2 for the Ripper scenes. I really want to get this one and read it It sounds so good I am just so backlogged,.Someday 1111 Where to begin Having previously read some immensely enjoyable stories of Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper, I was looking forward to delving into yet another imagining of what Holmes would do, had he the opportunity to consult on such a case Unfortunately, this story proved to be a great disappointment, as well as a source of anger and frustration In fact, I think this is the worst Holmes pastiche I ve ever read seriously The biggest injustice of this book is the absolute character assassination of every canonical person involved Holmes and Watson seem to despise each other Watson is so far from the gentleman any Sherlockian would know him to be to the point of being what I would call vulgar , and Holmes treats Watson so despicably that I don t even know why Watson stays around, other than he thinks it s his duty as a doctor to take care of him Lestrade is a drunk who would never have been able to keep his job in such a state But the final road apple on this mud pie of a story is the actions of Irene and Watson after their misadventure go belly up No, just, no It isn t even a historically accurate novel about Jack the Ripper which it claims to be , and it s so full of Americanisms that it isn t even historically accurate to Victorian London I found the plot itself terribly unremarkable and forgettable, but that might have been because I was too blind with rage over everything else Good And Evil Are About To Collide In London S Infamous East End, A Ritualistic Serial Killer Is Slaughtering Women The Police Are Baffled, The Media Is In A Frenzy, And People The World Over Are Captivated By The Fiend Known As Jack The Ripper Only A Short Distance Away, The Great Detective Has Succumbed To An Addiction To Morphine And Cocaine His Faithful Friend, Dr John Watson, And Irene Adler Will Venture Into Whitechapel Alone To Try And Lure The Ripper Out Of Hiding Using Themselves As Bait As Darkness Threatens To Consume All Of London, Her Greatest Champion, The Immortal Sherlock Holmes, Will Rise One Final Time To Defend Her WHITECHAPEL THE FINAL STAND OF SHERLOCK HOLMES Combines The Actual Events Of The Investigation Into Jack The Ripper S Crimes With The Canon Of Arthur Conan Doyle Historically Accurate, Graphic, And Bold This Is Sherlock Holmes As You Ve Never Seen Him, And Will Never Be Able To Forget I am not an ACD elitist I enjoy Sherlock Holmes in all of his varied forms and stories, and Whitechapel was a great read in my opinion I m a reader who wants to be entertained, and this story had it Mystery, violence, heartache I devoured this book in one sitting couldn t put it down The characters were so real to me, they even eclipsed the characters I had built up in my mind after watching Sherlock on the BBC, and reading ACD collections all winter Schaffer made the characters his own, and made them very human The book was graphic in places, but the Ripper was a monster, and his crimes shouldn t be whitewashed in order not to offend a certain readership In the beginning I felt as if I were reading two separate books, and wondered how if they were ever going to merge in to a cohesive unit, and then POW They did, and the story just never slowed down.I enjoyed the new old British slang I picked up along the way, too I m going to recommend this to the Sherlock group I m a part of, and to anyone else looking for a fast paced mystery, that has heart I won t say much in the way of spoilers here, and maybe I m a sentimental old fool, but I m not going to lie was moved to tears in several places. I was intrigued when I saw this book listed on Goodreads First Reads, and somewhat excited when the copy I won arrived The unremarkable cover hid the excitement inside.This is a well told version of the Jack the Ripper tale fictionalized, but well based in known facts written with an eye to the Victorian era as told in the Sherlock Holmes tales of Conan Doyle Fans of Conan Doyle s mythic detective should beware, though this is not the Sherlock Holmes that he wrote about Our Sherlock in this tale is true to life he suffers from the ravages of his drug addiction One question we are left to wonder until near the ending is who will win, the drugs or Mr Holmes Dr John Watson and Irene Adler the woman carry a fair portion of the story, as well.Since the events of the Jack the Ripper saga are so well known, this book becomes of a how done it that a who done it It is only through the author s craft that interest is kept high The book starts slowly and may drag a little in one or two places, but the reader is than amply rewarded for persevering.

Bernard Schaffer is the author of the Santero and Rein Thriller Series from Kensington Publications Prior to that, he published multiple titles in a variety of genres as an independent author Schaffer is the father of two children and a full time police detective in Southeastern PA.Visit him BernardSchaffer or

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