Who Do, Voodoo? (A Mind for Murder, #1)

Who Do, Voodoo? (A Mind for Murder, #1) Popular Book, Who Do, Voodoo A Mind For Murder, 1 By Rochelle Staab This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Who Do, Voodoo A Mind For Murder, 1 , Essay By Rochelle Staab Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Rochelle Staab, former radio programmer and music industry executive, combined her love for mystery with a strong curiosity about the supernatural in her bestselling Mind for Murder Mystery series featuring psychologist Liz Cooper and occult expert Nick Garfield.WHO DO, VOODOO the first novel in the series earned Anthony, Agatha, Eureka nominations for Best First Mystery along with a Golden

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  • Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • Who Do, Voodoo? (A Mind for Murder, #1)
  • Rochelle Staab
  • English
  • 11 May 2018
  • 9780425244593

10 thoughts on “Who Do, Voodoo? (A Mind for Murder, #1)

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    Fast paced murder mystery with pizazz This book started out with two women, Robin and Liz, both friends Robin starts receiving voodoo cards on her door and believes she s in trouble and when she s the main suspect for a murder everything starts to fall apart When Liz and her friend, Nick start digging around for clues they get way than they expected.I really enjoyed this book and would like to read from this author and I would highly recommend this book to my friends and Goodreads friends

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    I have to admit that I really enjoyed this book a lot than I expected And I love it when books surprise me like that I was reading about this title from a list of 2011 releases, not sure exactly where, and thought that it sounded interesting But after I started reading it, interesting went right out the window I couldn t put it down Now, I have to point this out, but this book was the perfect size of entertainment Dealing with murder and the occult and humor, there is a great risk of going overboard Instead, Rochelle did an excellent job of combining all three elements into an incredible story.Usually when I am reading mysteries I want to try to figure it all out When the story is well written it takes me a while before I figure everything out if I ever do I love the mysteries that slap you in the face with the unexpected With this book though, I was into Liz s process and journey that I kind of forgot that there was a murder that needed to be solved That s not saying anything bad about the story or the plotting That s just how much I liked Liz s character Liz doesn t believe in the occult, doesn t feed into the superstitions of the tarot cards or voodoo She s very rational and logical She s also a rule breaker obviously since she takes it upon herself to clear her friend s name.If I had known the ending of the story when I first started reading, I may have been a bit surprised But by the time you naturally arrive at the end, everything clicks into place and it fits It s not a surprising right out of left field conclusion But it is also not disappointing This was a quick and enjoyable read and I am definitely going to keep up with this series My recommendation pick up a copy and enjoy Oh did I mention that the mom who is determined to reconcile Liz and her ex husband is hilarious and I can see a bit of my mom in her

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    Really awesome cozy mystery And great for a first in a series The book had me really guessing who the killer might be all the way till the end I love all the characters in the book and the witty charm of Dr Liz Cooper I also can t wait to see what the tarot cards hold in store for her and, one smoldering hot professor All in all I am very intrigued by this series and I can t wait to see what Rochelle Staab will cook up next for us in her mysterious realm of magik

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    Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI love cozy mysteries but it s true that I do not read a lot of them, lot less than what I was doing but I always take a great pleasure in immersing myself in such a volume I had this book since its release, after reading a nice review about it but didn t take the time to read it, and here I am with the first volume.Liz Cooper is a psychiatrist who does not believe in the supernatural, so when her best friend begins to receive tarot cards on her door, cards that her former husband had been drawn before dying, Liz begins to worry Robin believes that this is an omen, the work of a spirit who tries to prevent or to hurt her To understand exactly what is happening, Liz will contact an old friend of her brother, Nick, a professor and specialist in the occult for his help to discover the origin of tarot cards But while they team up together and that Liz is taken deep into the world of voodoo magic, a young woman is killed and Robin finds herself detained While everyone seems to think she is the killer, Liz is the only one to believe in her innocence and she remains determined to prove to everyone that she is right However, this story might be complicated than expected, while others are found killed, our heroine will have to find a way to stop all this and to understand what exactly is happening.I enjoyed this story The introduction to voodoo is what initially attracted me to the story and it is true that this is a topic that particularly fascinates me So I was very curious to learn through this volume Liz goes to see her worldview completely change during the course of this story and it is true that I was really curious to find out who the real killer was here We suspect many people but in the end I found that the author had indeed led her story quite well and I was glad to see the proposed resolution Our heroine will have to open to a whole new world, she swore by what was rational, she will have to turn to something new and to try to learn as much as possible For this she will have to quickly team up with Nick Regarding the young man, it is true that many people try to put obstacles against their relationship, but I thought they were really cute and tender with each other throughout the story Nick, despite his work, is much down to earth than Liz and rather thinks about safety first, which is far from the case of the young woman I must say that when she has an idea in mind, it is difficult to make her do anything, and helping her friend is her number one priority They are both a very cute couple and I was curious to see how their relationship would evolve We also discover many characters and I wonder if we ll still see them later, whether the Nick s friends, the people Liz meets during the investigation or her ex husband.I took a great pleasure in discovering this first volume and I m glad to see that there are still two other volumes featuring the two heroes I am curious to discover and learn with all that It was a good introduction and a very good mix of mystery, magic and consequences.

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    Psychologist Liz Cooper s best friend is being terrorized by tarot cards Liz thinks it s a sick prank but her friend, Robin, is taking it very seriously After all, those same tarot cards predicted her husband s untimely death There s no way Robin wasn t going to be worried, she has a daughter to think about.Liz looks to her older brother s best friend, Nick, for help He s very familiar with the occult and the supernatural community Together, they desperately try to find the answers to help Robin When a dead body turns up and Robin is the prime suspect, they know they have to step up their efforts and clear Robin s name once and for all.I can t believe this is the first book by this author It s amazing, to say the least I loved every minute of it I felt as if I was on an emotional ride with the heroine I was desperately trying to figure out who was behind the murder and I was wrong I m usually right about these things LOL It s a fast paced, murder mystery that will definitely leave readers wanting .The characters were realistically portrayed and characters you could be sympathetic towards or hate, depending on the character I never wanted to put this book down and was very sad the story was over This is cozy mystery to perfection FTC Disclosure The author provided me with a copy of this book to review This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way All opinions expressed are my own.

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    Pyschologist Liz Cooper s best friend, Robin Bloom has been arrested for the murder of a voodoo practioner With the help of her cop brother s best friend, Nick Garfield, Liz investigates the resulting string of suspicious deaths I thought this was a cute mystery and I particularly liked Nick religious babble aside I learned way too much about vodou but maybe it ll come in handy some day.

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    This first book in the Mind for Murder series give it a start with a Bang Ms Staab gives us well formed characters and plot.Run do not walk to buy Who Do, Voodoo when it is released.I won my copy here on Goodreads.

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    Another cozy with great reviews I couldn t get into it but , don t go by me the reviews of this book is why I picked it up number 1 in the series if other reviews interest you it may be worth your while for a different kind of cozy.

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    You may also read my review here Liz Cooper s childhood friend,Robin,begins finding tarot cards with menacing messages tacked to her door,she doesn t know what to think What she does know,as the cards,and the stakes,grow higher,is that she needs to find out just who is harassing her best friend Her search for answers will put her in touch with Nick,an old friend and theology professor who sidelines in occult studies They soon discover that Robin s tormentor has voodoo leanings,but voodoo and the Tarot don t mix,and after a visit to a palm reader and charlatan who may have the key to the Tarot deck used in the threats,things get even confusing Not only are the threats escalating,but Liz is fighting a growing attraction and frustration to Nick and a mother that hounds her at every turn Add to that an ex husband that just won t give up and eventually murder,and Liz will have to use everything in her resources to get to the truth.I really enjoyed this debut novel from former music industry exec Rochelle Staab Liz is my kind of reluctant sleuth,and her wit and tenacity kept me turning the pages Nick frustrated me at times with his dogged devotion to the letter of the law,but provided a perfect contrast to Liz,complementing her and at the same time keeping some nice sexual tension into play,and also proving that you certainly don t have to be in your 20 s to romance and be romanced Liz s mom provided a quirky if at times annoying ,but always loving,presence,even if she does keep hounding Liz to get back with her sports superstar and cheating ex The voodoo elements are fascinating,and the author obviously did her homework,treating the subject with respect and attention to detail The added fun of L.A as the backdrop created a constant sense of urgency and fun,and Ms Staab obviously knows the ins and outs of her setting I ll admit,I m a fairly jaded mystery reader,but this one kept me on my toes,and I didn t really get an idea of whodunit until the end,and all the clues were definitely there To me,that s important Red herrings are fine,as long as they aren t scattershot,and as long as you can look back,once the killer is revealed,and say Ohhh,yep,those clues were there head smack for not seeing them Bravo to Ms Staab for a sparkling,fun,and solid debut mystery

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    This is the first book in the new series A Mind For Murder from first time author Rochelle Staab.Even though I m not into Voodoo, the subject matter is well handled to appeal to any mystery reader Stabb does an excellent job of explaining about Voodoo and it s history I enjoy reading a story and at the same time learning something new.Liz Cooper is a psychologist, because of her profession she is not necessarily a believer in the occult, even though her mother is a reader of tarot cards Liz,and her best friend, Robin, are mourning the two anniversary death of Robin s husband When they arrive at Robins home they find a tarot card similar to one Robin s husband had gotten the night before his death from Liz s mother A couple cards are received and it is suggested that Lix contact Nick Garfield, a professor of religion and occult.As Liz is beginning to learn about the occult, Robin s boss girlfriend is murdered after they had had a major disagreement The victims blood is found on Robin s purse and Robin is arrested Now Liz and Nick in earnest dig into the occult surrounding this event It seems that the dead girl had conjured some spell and some of the people she had occult dealings with Two of who have already died It is up to Liz and Nick to find a way to have these spells removed.Very much looking forward to the next book in the series.

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