Who's That Girl?

Who's That Girl?I m fine, but I ve grown up To be frank, I was attracted by the sentence on the cover at first sight Then, I couldn t help reflectingwhat if To most people, Charlotte Merryweather is a successful thirty something modern girl, who is running her own PR company and having a therotically perfect boyfriend She used to think her life was perfect in all respects unitl she bumped into her younger self Lottie, actually the younger Charlotte 10 years apart, lived a totally different life from Charlotte s The point is not how Charlotte was able to meet her younger selfTIME TRAVELor PARALLEL WORLDwhatever The point is what Charlotte wants to tell Lottie Charlotte thinks she can help Lottie avoid doing sth stupid, such as drinking or eating unhealthy food, being obssessed in sunbathing, and even falling in love with that bastard pop singer, YES, she thinks she can, since she s mature and sophiscated in her thirties now But that s just what she thinks she can Talking of this, I can t help quoting these same lines as Fei did Here we are, sitting side by side, and ten years apart, both single and both talking about menSome things never really change, do they Except of course now I m older and mature and I read self help books so I know how to deal with these things, I tell myself quickly, relieved I m not the sobbing wreck I once was In fact, however, the author doesn t want to tell us that we can avoid doing sth seemingly stupid by going back to our younger selves She just hopes to make us realize whatever we do will NEVER EVER change anything in our past life, just take Charlotte as an example When she had a bitter quarrel with Oliver, she could do nothing but seek comfort from Lottie And suddenly it hits me Our roles have completely reversed It s no longer me giving my younger self advice it s her giving me advice And I m fast realizing that actuall I don t konw better at allAge and experience haven t made me this wise old master they ve made me this anxious, strung out thirtysomething who worries about everything Whose life is completely out of balance Who s forgotten how to have fun And who spends the whole time reading self help books and trying to find herself when she s been here under her nose all along, I think, glancing at Lottie and seeing this smart, confident, vibrant person So in this book I ve read how Charlotte learns to face herself honestly and comes to realize what on earth she needs for the rest of her life, during which process she finds her true love and takes up writing as her dream again Having finished reading this book, I couldn t help but ask myself, What kind of life do I really need Who s That Girl is the best of all Alexandra Potter s books I ve read so far I think she writes it well partly because the heroine Charlotte shares some of her own experiences, or in other words, she s written something about her own life and growth SoI m fine, but I ve grown up. This book is utterly boring The going back in time is barely explored I expected some general end line moral about how you shouldn t change your past because it would change who you are, BUT some things she should have changed By not changing it, and by mentioning what she didn t change, the author added sadness to an already dreadful book.Plus i felt like the biggest part of the book was about her job, B.O.R.I.N.G.Disappointing. At Age Thirty One, American Charlotte Merryweather Has Spent Ten Years In London Pursuing Personal And Professional Perfection Yet Her Present Day Success Heading Her Own PR Company, Owning A Gorgeous Apartment, Planning A Future With Her Devoted Boyfriend Only Heightens The Shock Of A Visit From The Past Lottie, Charlotte S Twenty One Year Old Self, Drives Onto The Scene At The Wheel Of A Rusty, Orange Volkswagen Beetle Identical To Charlotte S First UK Ride Charlotte Pursues A Friendship Aimed To Bestow Upon Lottie A Decade Of Wisdom Yet Charlotte S Prosperous Polish Proves A Pale Substitute For Lottie S Innate, Youthful Graces Openness, Passion, And Kindness Will The Student Become The Teacher In This Witty Turnabout Reading the back of the book, I admit I was already excited at the idea of this story I was thinking a little too much along the lines of being Erica goggle it if you don t know it as if you enjoyed this book you will enjoy the TV series and perhaps even a little sci fi ish I said ish I know it s a chick lit but come on, it s time travel all mixed into the pot I thought Charlotte was a little dumb at times, I doubted she was made of the hard stuff a women needs to have to survive in ruthless business world of London, That aside, I enjoyed the narration and hay, its chic lit, what can you expect Now I admit it, I get sort of itchy and a little restless the moment a story shows a dysfunctional love interest think of any film you ve seen when the man and women hate each other then fall in love Blah blah clich Because nice guys bore some women who need some therapy but instead read books like this and wish they too could meet a complete jerk who they could change ya Honestly I was almost cringing so much I dropped the book Oliver the waiter who was rude and actually took rather a lot of pleasure in provoking Charlotte, turns out to be this guy, who ten years ago watched her from afar and fell madly in love with her, and she didn t even notice him spoilers inc.Not only that, when ten years later she just happens to walk into a bar for a meal with her boyfriend, he remembers her and makes snide remarks to her And oh, love grows.worst thing about this book though the ending We see Charlotte waking up in hospital And guess what, everyone just happens to be waiting for her wake up, it s all VERY jolly Oh and whoopee do, she DREAMT IT ALL Is the waiter turns up him having been real obviously because Charlotte must get everything she wants having been told by Charlotte a few days before that he was just a waiter totally emasculated him But hey He s back, having not even known her for 24 hours on a personal level Hes great with the fact she s shallow and hay, hes even brought her some salmon and potatoes To make sure everything ends nice and sugary spicy, he tells her he s NOT a waiter He actually runs and owns several bars in London Well that s okay then So now she can actually stop throwing in his face the fact that she makes money than him He takes her to France and marries her 9 months later, and Charlotte just happens to give her business away because now she has a man to replace her job with The end THIS is why i don t read chick lit ANYMORE I got about a 1 3 of the way through the book, but it is just boring The premise is reasonably intersting, but the writing is just dull I wouldn t recommend it, but maybe someone else would enjoy it. The character tries to stop herself doing the mistakes she did when she was younger Now that she knows it was wrong but she can t stop it It is how it was supposed to happen.I didn t understand the end Did she dream of herself when she was 21 because of the medicines or what It has a happy ending, but it seems to me that something is missing.Overall impressions something is missing. It s a wonderful book.Hold on to your dreams OK, so I wouldn t go as far as to say I m relaxed as such, but who is these days I run a company I have a mortgage, and responsibilities, and lines round my eyes to take care of I mean, it s not like I m twenty one any.And thank goodness Okay,this was such a fun book.Like all Alexandra s characters,Charlotte one of my favourite names,btw is sooo relatable and lovable.She might be a PR manager,but she s not as serious as her title say she is.She changed a lot since her twenties she takes off her make up before going to sleep,she eats organic food,she has a good job and a perfect boyfriend,she s wearing expensive clothes and shoesbut is everything really that perfect She thinks it is,but when she accidentally finds herself in 1997 with her younger self Lottie,she ll get a chance to change some of the things she did in her twenties,like start using sunscreen or not sleep with Billy Romani.Unfortunately she ll also find out that her younger self doesn t take advices from someone in herancient years ,as Lottie would say.But in the end our main character will learn that maybe some mistakes shouldn t be fixed and that Lottie has a few aces up her sleeve that she could use.Things I really liked 1 Charlotte Oli Ugh,they re soo adorable together.I mean,who could resist Oli Things I didn t like 1 Okay,I have to admit that Lottie was kind of getting on my nerves sometimes.Like,girl,take the freaking advice and think a little bit.When she did everything Charlotte told her not to I was like Favourite quotes Goodbye, Dr Goldstein I start to walk away, then stop and turn Oh, and for the record my name s Charlotte And turning back, I keep on walking Somehow I don t think that s a name he s going to forget in a hurry Life isn t complicated It s very simple, really It s us who make it complicated And suddenly it hits me Our roles have completely reversed.It s no longer me giving my younger self advice it s her giving me advice And I m fast realising that actually I don t know better at all About some things, yes I glance at that terrible silver eyeshadow but not about everything, far from it Age and experience haven t made me this wise old master they ve made me this anxious, strung out thirtysomething who worries about everything Whose life is completely out of balance Who s forgotten how to have fun And who spends the whole time reading self help books and trying to find herself when she s been here under her nose all along, I think, glancing at Lottie and seeing this smart, confident, vibrant person The first time I met you, I fell in love with you there and then, but you didn t notice me Then you stood me up And then I met you again and I hated you Well, I tried to hated you, but then when you cleaned up after Welly I fell in love with you all over again. Simply amazing A magical story that makes you reflect and ponder what you are doing in life and if you are really happy in what you are doing now Charlotte Merryweather is 31, successful, owns a PR agency, has her own apartment, dresses in designer wears, has a boyfriend and a very very busy and hectic lifestyle.But, is she happy Out of the sudden, while out driving, she saw a girl who looks like her, 10 yrs ago.And chance upon a guy whom she did not notice 10yrs ago.What happened next is simply magical and beyond words and make you stop and think, wait a minute I was like her What happened As quoted by an old lady in the bookLife isn t complicated It s very simple, really It s us who make it complicated Isn t that true Now, excuse me while I ponder about my life and see what I should do to the dreams I had 10 yrs ago. Intriguing premise, not well executedand tedious.This could have been a great story if the author had actually committed to what she was setting out to create, but she didn t seem to know how to actually do that.If the story is about going back in time to help yourself make other decisions, then the characters should do that and as an author you should do that and not have it that she can t actually change anything Other wise you ve wasted not only the character s time, but also mine and I m not happy about that.Charlotte, in her present life, seems stupid for a woman who owns a company and all She goes back in time to stop the one thing that she recalls changes her life from a happy go lucky girl into a driven cold hearted name that someone calls her which she deserves And yet she fails She just thinks she s so smart and, of course, her younger self is still her and she outsmarts herself Again, if this is the moment life changed, then put everything else on hold and make sure this one event does not happen I was so angry reading that and then on page 339 what decision she made because of it First of all, don t toss that into what s a light breezy read and expect me to just say oh, I see Well that makes me dislike her quite a bit and not make me sympathetic toward her And then this subject never comes up again So why the heck is it even in here A life changing moment gets one page and yet there are page after page after page of lots of busines matters and her boyfriend and her friend s marriage If the premise of the book is how she goes in time to change the past, then the past should have been changed Otherwise, Charlotte could have simply be remembering and this book could have been a w h o l e lot shorter It is way too long for what s here and if the premise isn t actually going to be a part of the story, then why have it here Oh and one thing, okay a few things Constantly telling me about how her groin feels whenever a particular guy is around is not amusing It also isn t romantic or hot or making me want them to get together It terms of romance, I don t want to read the word groin And while we re at it, please leave out the word turgid as well It doesn t appear in this book but just in general, not sexy And speaking of the romance, if that s the story being told, then again, tell me that story and not all of the stuff about her business and the skeevy dentist and her young self partying and all of the other stuff The romance appears in almost the last page And not worth waiting for, btw, although he is an interesting character who could have been developed.I was bored throughout most of this and I doubt I d pick up another book by this author.


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