Who Was Queen Elizabeth? (Who Was...?)

Who Was Queen Elizabeth? (Who Was...?) Our Bestselling Series Is Fit For A Queen The Life Of Queen Elizabeth I Was Dramatic And Dangerous Cast Out Of Her Father S Court At The Age Of Three And Imprisoned At Nineteen, Elizabeth Was Crowned Queen In , When She Was Only Twenty Five A Tough, Intelligent Woman Who Spoke Five Languages, Elizabeth Ruled For Over Forty Years And Led England Through One Of Its Most Prosperous Periods In History Over Illustrations Bring Gloriana And Her Court To Life

June Eding lives in New York, New York.

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  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Who Was Queen Elizabeth? (Who Was...?)
  • June Eding
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9780448448398

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    Oh my what a woman Queen Elizabeth I

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    Queen Elizabeth showed the world that women could rule and rule well.

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    I was so happy when Cate devoured all of these Who Is Who Was books back in 2nd grade but I never actually read one myself They are really fun to read as an adult and I will consider reading They do a great job presenting all of the relevant information and the illustrations are awesome too

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    Queen Elizabeth is the brave woman.

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    I have finished the book who is Queen Elizabeth and I thought I would rate this book five stars because the author used a lot of events of Queen Elizabeth s life to make the biography interesting to read like bad moments events or good moments events in her life such as painful deaths or becoming queen of England She ruled the country for forty one years and had a wonderful life.The book is pretty easy though but I feel like the author should have put detail into the book.But overall the book gave me thoughts and questions.MANY QUESTIONS about this book I really enjoyed this book..

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    I enjoyed the book Who Was Queen Elizabth it was a good book about how Queen Elizabeth came to become Queen The book was about how King Henry 8th Elizabths father wanted a son so he could rule after Henry but when Elizabths mother had Elizabeth, Elizabeth was sent away and her mother was be headed When Henry got re married he got the son he wanted, after King Henry got sick and died his son took over but then when Henrys son died his daughter became Queen When she became Queen she did not like Elizabeth because she didn t want Elizabeth to take the throne away from her but she took care of Elizabeth When she got sick though she declared Elizabeth to take the throne after her and Elizabeth finally became Queen She did all these good things for england and she took care of a lot of poeple, Elizabeth never got married and everyone was afraid of who would rule after her especailly when Elizabeth got very sick with small pox and back then there was no cure and it eas deadly They did everything they did to get her well again and she did heal from it after that she lost someone who she really cared about and she was very sad and got very sick, by that time she knew it was time to declare someone of the throne for after shes gone My favorite part of the book was when she was danceing and all happy and lively, and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about Queen Elizabeth and her past.

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    Penguin,Who was , RL3.0 Time 12 3 20minutes 12 5 25minutes 12 6 35minutes 7 word summary England Elizabeth queen Council disease spinsterhood fashionable discussion Questions1.Have you ever struggled with illness Actually, I have been lively so I have never struggled with such serious illness.however, I have got conjunctivitis since I was a infant.2.have you ever imagined that you were a king or a queen when I was little, I often imagined what would be going on if I were to be a princess.Because I use to watch Disney movies which are fantasies and attractive.Recently I watched Rapunzel so it was fun to watch it because I watched it as if I were her LOLI could read this book easily because I was fascinated by actions of Queen Elizabeth.In addition, I liked reading the story of her fashion she wore glorious dresses How beautiful they were I love the design in the era.

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    Non fiction is one of my favorite genres and that s why i loved this book Queen Elizabeth is my favorite person to read and write about.This book explained pretty much everything about her even stuff not about her This book even had very detailed pictures of her and other surroundings.The author, June Eding has written a lot of Who Was books and their all about famous and legendary people, basically a lot of biography s.This book explained sequences of events about Queen Elizabeth like her child hood and teen years and young adult to and older women to her death.if you would like to learn about Queen Elizabeth you should read this book or even read non fiction books i would recommend this author.

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    I didn t really know much about Queen Elizabeth but now I do It was a interesting book about her life before being queen and then when she was queen Even though it is a short book it teaches us a lot about the person in the book Each book jams a lot of knowledge into each book I liked how she was just a average girl but then became the queen of Great Britain for a long time She was a girl who liked big dresses but also wasn t mean and would meet her people I liked that she fought for her country with her men.

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    I adore this series They are well written and bring you the broad strokes of a person s story It really helps me connect the people and events in history Elizabeth was way ahead of her time I can hardly imagine the smallest part of her life I really hope they didn t have her watch her mother s execution at 3 years old Her family s lives are another testament that we are all mortals and no amount of anything changes that What matters most is our daily walk with others.

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