Who Was Ronald Reagan? (Who Was...?)

Who Was Ronald Reagan? (Who Was...?)This book was a really good book it interedsted me in a lot of parts in the book but not all some of the info in here was just interesting not important details So I gave 4 STARS Ronald Reagan was the 40th U.S President of the United States of American.I learned that Reagan was a lifeguard and he saved about over 50 people s lives.Ronald was an actor and he was in over 60 televisions shows. Who was Ronald Reagan by Joyce Milton is a really great book to read I had such a amazing time reading this book It has so much amazing facts about his life and what he did while he wasn t president There are so much fun stuff that he did during his lifetime that I would ve never imagined him doing I mean I would ve never expected him to start acting But I would really recommend this book to readers that love to read about peoples biography and about people in their past Which I love to read about that So that s what really interested me in picking this book out of my school library. Biography Who Was Ronald Reagan by Joyce Milton is of course all about Ronald Reagan, but in an unexpected way not just about politics The book starts with Reagan s life as a child and how his personality came about The book also discusses his career as an actor before he began his career as a politician While everyone knows that Reagan became President, this book highlights many aspects of his life that are fascinating, but unknown to many people.This book is perfect for having students create their own biographies because it shows how it is important to reference multiple points about a person to make their stories come to life Along with teaching on biographies, this book could be used in social studies when discussing American government and Presidents After I finished reading this book, I actually had the words wow come out of my mouth Madison was there to witness it History has always been one of my favorite topics, so it was interesting to me to be able to read a biography about a major character in history I did not know much about Reagan before this book, but I found myself intrigued by who he was One of my favorite things I learned was that Reagan was a lifeguard when he was younger this was favorable for me because I am currently a lifeguard, so it was neat to see that I have that connection with a former President. I love the way the books in this series tell the stories of historical and popular figures As my home country s 40th president, and my first president, Ronald Reagan is one of the most beloved presidents of the 20th century It is evident in this book and elsewhere that from a young age Mr Reagan put others before himself, and he risked his life on many occasions to save the lives of others Reagan s presidency reflected his love and compassion for others I especially loved learning about Mr Reagan s childhood, teenage, and young adult life in this book. Nice children s summary of Ronald Reagan s life with a pro Reagan perspective It was not too politically charged, though There were some fun things that I learned about him which were fun. Reagan was before my time but I ve heard older people talk about what a great president he was I hoped this book would kind of show me why he was so amazing, but I didn t really get any major insights from it Here are some fun things I learned about Reagan He was a lifeguard for six summers and saved 77 people I like that he grew up in the working class, I feel like that does make him a bit able to relate to the majority of people Unlike some other celebrity presidents He was called Dutch until he became a movie star A three ton section of the Berlin wall was sent to Reagan as a thank you gift I probably need to read an adult bio so I can understand the politics a bit better From this book I couldn t really see anything he did as a president that was that phenomenal Then again, I m really disillusioned with politicians at present so my criticism is very harsh. From His Childhood In Rural Illinois To Moviemaking Days In Hollywood And On To A Career In Politics That Took Him All The Way To The Oval Office, Ronald Reagan Kept An Abiding Faith In America And In What Our Country Stood For The Oldest President Ever, He Survived A Near Fatal Assassination Attempt And Lived To Be Who Was Ronald Reagancovers His Life And Times In A Balanced, Entertaining Way For Children More Than Black And White Illustrations Fill Out The Portrait Of Our Fortieth President Who was Ronald Reagan is a outstanding book it talks about his childhood and his adulthood Ronald s childhood actually wasn t bad when he was 14 he got a job working at a pool where he was a lifeguard.He was very good at this job and has saved many lives, a cool thing he did was that every time he saved some ones life he carved a divot in a tree stump When he was around 23 years old he started running for senator He actually won too, then he started making movies and got recognized all over the world People started to tell him that he should run for president Finally he mustered up enough courage to run and he won by a landslide This book is very good and I would recommend it to any one. The book Who WAs Ronald Reagan by Joyce Milton was a good non fiction book about Reagan This book was mostly about his acting career and what he did during being president of the U.S It was a shorter book but got a lot of good facts.I thought this book was good I liked learning about Ronald Reagan because he is one of the presidents we are going over in history, so it was nice to know about him There is nothing about this book that I would change about the way it was written.I suggest this book to people who would like to learn about a great president we had And I would suggest it to people who want good information but with an easier book.

Joyce Milton is the author of several noted juvenile biographies, as well as the prize winning novel, Save the Loonies.

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