William Eggleston: Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008 (Whitney Museum of American Art)

William Eggleston: Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008 (Whitney Museum of American Art) Elvis S Graceland, A Freezer Stuffed With Food, A Gulf Gasoline Sign Standing In A Deserted Rural Landscape These Are Only A Few Of The Iconic Images Captured By The Democratic Camera Of Photographer William Eggleston Not Only Has He Drawn Upon Images So Telling Of American Culture, He Has Produced Them With An Intensity And Balance Of Color That Have Helped Elevate The Entire Field Of Color Photography To A Fine Art, Especially Since His Exhibition At The Museum Of Modern Art Drawing Together Eggleston S Famous And Lesser Known Works, This Lavishly Illustrated Catalogue Is The First To Examine Both His Photography And Videos Of Particular Relevance Are His Black And White Images From The Late S And S, Which Helped Shape His Color Photography, As Well As The Relationship Between His Provocative Video Recordings Of S Memphis Nightlife And His Later Work Included Are Reproductions Of Newly Restored Prints, Executed Specifically For The Exhibition Filled With New And Challenging Contributions To Scholarship And Accompanying The First Major US Survey Of His Work, This Catalogue Will Prove The Standard Reference For Eggleston S Photographs For Years To Come

Born in Memphis and raised in Sumner, Mississippi, William Eggleston was, even in youth, interested in art and observing the world around him than in the popular southern boyhood pursuits of hunting and sports While he dabbled in obtaining an education at a succession of colleges including Vanderbilt and Ole Miss, he became interested in the work of Robert Frank and Henri Cartier Bresso

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • William Eggleston: Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008 (Whitney Museum of American Art)
  • William Eggleston
  • English
  • 07 March 2019
  • 9780300126211

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    Career spanning overview of Eggleston s work with helpful essays that outline his life and influences It also devotes space to his important video of nighttime southern debauchery Stranded in Canton Docked a star because it feels a bit like a random greatest hits compared with the cohesion of his other books.

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    This is what I would call a coffee table book with mostly color plates of William Eggleston s photography Some of his pictures I really liked but others didn t impress me There are some dry articles about his work and life and apparently why he is so important as a photographer He did breakthrough with getting color photography respected as an art although there was much criticism at the time of his first museum exhibit The democratic references to his pictures mean that he insists that his pictures do not emphasize any aspect over any others I think this is indeed his strength is many of his pictures of the ordinary in the American south The articles also discussed an experimental film he made titled Stranded in Canton It seems to be on YouTube but at this point in my life, I think I ve had enough of seemingly pointless experimental films Really one of the participants sticks a beer bottle up his butt just because it s JackAss doesn t mean it s art I do wish my library had of his works but alas this is the only book in the collection Perhaps another time I will see if I can get through interlibrary loans.

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    A great overview of Eggleston, who was a pioneer of color photography There are several essays to accompany the photos, some great, some not so great In a couple there is a compelling argument for Eggleston as a pop artist rather than a Southern Gothic artist or regionalist of some stripe The insistence that any subject is as good as another, that no photo could be favored or the others he took, the due praise given to Cartier Bresson, Frank Winogrand, these all bolster the case for the democratic forest Still, there are some shots in here that have become famous There are some shots that have become familiar from repetition Some are so startling and some so perfect, that it is hard to wholeheartedly agree There is grumbling in other reviews about the paragraphs given to the video work, which is hard to appreciate as silent stills, but sometimes startling and sometimes perfect when you are stranded in canton.

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    Eggleston was among the first photographers of urban street photography for lack of a better tag to use colour film in his work This volume features over 200 plates of his work of ordinary objects shot from odd angles I really enjoyed about a third of them and while I don t think he s top rank for me he does deserve credit for branching out into colour film when others wouldn t The essay at the front on Eggleston s life is interesting too.

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    The great American Southern Goth Photographer This is a catalogue to a retrospective that just took place, and it s a superb collection of his images from the beginning to the current Eggleston is a Southern dandy, who has an incredible eye to capture the world around him Essential photo book.

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    The photos are unquestionably 5 stars This book gets a 4 due to a mixed bag of essays, curatorial choices, and making much too big of a stink about the video work Still, a nice starting point for folks who have Wm Eggleston s Guide but aren t familiar with his other books.

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    You can read my review of the exhibitiion at

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