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Wings Like a Dove Can The Invisible Walls That Separate People Ever Come Down In , Anna Leibowicz Is Convinced That The American Dream That Brought Her Jewish Family Here From Poland Is Nothing But An Illusion Her Father Has Vanished Her Dreams Of College Can T Make It Past The Sweat Shop Door And When She Discovers To Her Shame And Horror That She S With Child, Her Mother Gives Her Little Choice But To Leave Her Family Deciding Her Best Course Of Action Is To Try To Find Her Father, She Strikes Outhoping Against Hope To Somehow Redeem Them BothWhen Anna Stumbles Upon A House Full Of Orphan Boys In Rural Indiana Who Are In Desperate Need Of A Tutor, She Agrees To Postpone Her Journey But She Knows From The Moment She Meets Their Contemplative, Deep Hearted Caretaker, Thomas Chandler, That She Doesn T Dare Risk Staying Too Long She Can T Afford To Open Her Heart To Them, To Him She Can T Risk Letting Her Secrets OutAll Too Soon, The Townspeople Realize She S Not Like Them And Treat Her With The Same Disdain They Give The Sisters Of Mercy The Nuns Who Help Thomas And The Boys And Samuel, The Quiet Colored Boy Thomas Has Taken In With The Klan Presence In The Town Growing Ever Stronger And The Danger To This Family Increasing The Longer She Stays, Anna Is Torn Between Fleeing To Keep Them Safeand Staying To Fight Beside Them Oh, That I Had Wings Like A Dove For Then Would I Fly Away, And Be At Rest

Camille writes poignant stories full of love, grace, and redemption Some call her stories than a romance Her novels include The Memoir of Johnny Devine, which was awarded Romantic Times Best Inspirational Romance, Seal of Excellence, and Oregon Christian Writers Historical Fiction award.

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  • Wings Like a Dove
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  • 17 March 2018

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    Both gorgeous and harrowing, Wings Like a Dove shows the dangers of allowing hatred and racism to grow in a community and the importance of standing up for right, even when it s dangerous Anna, Thomas, and Samuel are lovely characters full of depth and strength, and Thomas shows the beauty of faith in action With a poignant romance, the story satisfies on every level Camille Eide has penned another memorable novel Don t miss it

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    Wings Like a Dove by Camille Eide tells of harsh times in our nation s history when bigotry ruled in the name of moral justice We will never have unity as long as people demand sameness Unity is not sameness, but oneness of purpose But whose purpose This story takes place in the 1930 s when almost everyone was poor and jobs were scarce Anna Leibowicz is forced to flee her life in New York City through a humiliation she brought on herself She starts out for Chicago in search of her father, who has been missing for six years She is led to a small town in Indiana where she finds work as a tutor for six orphaned boys in exchange for room and board until she can resume her journey She is making progress with her students and coaxing a small, mute black boy to speak, but she is wary of making friends As soon as the town finds out she is a Jew, she is ostracized along with Sam, the black child This story is raw, it is real, it doesn t shy away from hard things and yet it is filled with compassion and Grace Will not all need mercy at some time in our lives Mercy we do not deserve It is a precious gift and yet it is free Forgiveness and mercy are always possible because they are gifts from God If love is genuine, then compassion must follow, because compassion is the most basic act of love If ultimate love is found in the ultimate sacrifice, then I will consider what the cross of Christ truly means This story holds eternal truths that have applications yet today In my opinion, Ms Eide has done a superior job of giving us much to think about and apply to our own lives I received a complimentary ebook from WhiteFire Publishers on behalf of the author I was not required to give a favorable review All opinions are my own.

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    Some books can be devoured in a day Other books require methodical dissection Wings Like a Dove was the latter for me It caused me to pause Chew Reflect I wished for a hard copy in my hands so I could highlight and make notes in the margins It is powerfully written, doesn t shy away from the ugliness of the past, and caused me to look for ways I can press on for change in my heart and community I felt all of the emotions, and it s depth deserves a second reading because there is nourishment to be had One of my favorite quotes We will never have unity as long as people demand sameness Unity is not sameness, but oneness of purpose But whose purpose Who gets to decide If only everyone would stop shouting and hating and burning down and forcing out, perhaps we would hear the voice of wisdom Perhaps I highly recommend Camille Eide s latest novel I hope you will be enlightened, encouraged, and challenged as I have by Anna s story Anna said quietly If these past months have taught me nothing else, they have taught me that though I am only a seed blowing in the wind, I must still be fruitful wherever I land I have learned that wherever we find ourselves, we must have the courage to stretch out roots and produce something useful, even in times of difficulty We must bloom boldly in whatever field our seed has fallen.

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    Eide has once again swept me away with her poignant storytelling This time, into the Great Depression, to witness the harsh reality faced by a young Jewish woman in a society that reflects intolerances similar to those we re experiencing today.With page turning anticipation, Anna leaves her mother and siblings to spare them the certain shame, danger and hardship that her secret, when exposed, will bring Starving and alone, she befriends a pack of orphans and their benevolent caregiver, only to be faced with unimaginable prejudice and bigotry from the townspeople I found myself yelling at the pages of the book in desperate attempts to steer the characters tissue box at my side.But, what of mercy and forgiveness Will they melt the stone cold and brainwashed hearts This is one of my all time favorites I hope to see it on the big screen someday.

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    I m speechless So, so crushingly beautiful, and I couldn t put it down The themes of understanding and acceptance, grace and forgiveness are so powerful in Anna Thomas s story, but the growing love between them was palpable I smiled, I wept, and I rejoiced Camille Eide has blessed her readers again, and allowed us a peek into crafting the stitches of an unforgettable quilt.

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    What I think you should know Wings like a Dove is a historical fiction or historical romance set in 1933 It follows Anna Leibowicz, a Jewish immigrant who fled Poland to escape persecution only to find that the American dream her family s hopes had crashed when her father disappeared leaving her to support her mother and siblings What you might need to know Anna became pregnant and blamed herself for it, however based on what she said in the book it was date rape.My thoughts on this book Camille Eide has written a beautiful, but tough book that shows how difficult times can be defined by how you treat other people Anna had been raised with a sense of community that she does not find once she is forced from her home Anna is instead faced with prejudice once people realize she is different than them Thomas also faced prejudice for choices he made, but he was a wonderful character I loved the strength he showed , how he looked beyond race or circumstance to see the person The Boys were a delight, I could picture them and their antics and loved the elements they brought to the story I received a complimentary copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, this in no way influenced my review All opinions are my own.

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    Wow The old saying, how do you eat an bite at a timedescribes how to take in this beautifully crafted novel There are so many nuggets of gold to glean if you take your time It shines the light on judgement, prejudice, preconceived notions, and fear of what we don t understand It takes place in the 1930 s but could have just as well been written in present day The strength of character that Anna shows is impressive although she was carrying burdens of secrets and blaming herself It is a story that has you weeping and feeling sorry for the injustices that take place It will open your heart to love and show compassion on your fellow man, as we are all created by God I loved this book from the characters to the details of the story line I can t find all the right words to describe what I want to say without spoilers, so I will just say it needs to be read This is a new author to me and I will be looking to reading by her.I received a complimentary copy from CelebrateLit author The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.

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    I think people dislike those they do not know because t hey cannot see the good in others One of Anna s insights about the struggles and differences she observed in the fictional town of Corbin, Indiana where she found herself after leaving her Jewish family and community Wings like a Dove by Camille Eide is a poignant and heart wrenching story of bigotry and intolerance to immigrants or anyone who was different from the leaders of the town, but is still prevalent in America today I admired the determination, dedication, hardworking, compassion that Thomas and Anna gave to the six young boys that Thomas was caring for The history of America shined forth throughout the story with the ugliness of hatred, prejudice and events that many have forgotten is part of our history Eide penned a superb historical romance that was raw at times to moments of compassion, forgiveness and acceptance being given I highly recommend Wings like a Dove to fans of historical Christian fiction There are many lessons that can be applied to our culture today Another thought to ponder from Anna Will not all need mercy at some time in our lives Mercy we do not deserve It is a precious gift and yet it is free Forgiveness and mercy are always possible because they are gifts from God I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and Celebrate Lit I was under no obligation to write a positive review but I have expressed my own sincere thoughts I m glad I decided to read this book while it s on tour with Celebrate Lit Bloggers.

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    Wow What an amazing story of mercy, grace, and forgiveness There are many difficult subjects dealt with in this book Some are quite horrific One of my favorite passages is, Will we not all need mercy at some time in our lives Mercy we do not deserve Sadly, it is a much needed lesson for today s world.The author also gives us heart touching, sweet moments I loved how Anna met the boys Those boys melted my heart I loved how they stuck together, even on the newly imposed wash day Samuel was a very special child I cannot complete this review without mentioning Thomas He loves his apprentices than a true father would And I liked the bargain he made with Anna I loved the Sisters Mary too This book is not a quick easy read It is a very thought provoking look at some ugly realities I enjoyed the Discussion questions at the end I received a copy of this book from the publisher A review was not required The opinion expressed is entirely my own.

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    One of my favorite books is The Memoir of Johnny Devine by Camille Eide So I was really excited to read Wings Like a Dove This story is set in 1933 With the presence of the Klan, there is a lot of bigotry, hate, and heartbreak in this story But, there is also a lot of hope, love, and forgiveness.I was drawn into this story from the first page and even when I wasn t reading, I kept thinking about the characters The things that Anna and Samuel go through will make your heart ache I really loved Anna and her resilience and how she always made the best of her circumstances I especially loved her relationship with Samuel Thomas was a wonderful character I love how he had taken in the boys to keep them from having to go to an orphanage He truly showed the love of Christ.This story is both heartbreaking and beautiful a story you won t want to miss.I received a complimentary copy of this book All thoughts are my own.

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