Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star Ceri is going to a meeting with her ex husband over custody f their daughter Skye The last person she thinks to run into is Jason her ex fiance who left her days before their wedding She has never quite got over him Now he needs her help to get his brother s body back from her ex husband Russell Russell has other plans for all of them Plans that involve Zombies and seeing that they never escape Now Ceri and Jason have to work together to save their families Both also realize their love has never died.Let me just say for a short story this one sure does pack a lot of action Something is always going on to keep you turning the pages Ceri will do anything to keep her daughter and mom safe She will also do anything to help an old love friend out She knows her ex husband is a bad guy she just doesn t know how bad he is I really liked how she is willing to fight and not just wait for someone to save her Jason is a sweet guy who shouldn t have walked away years ago He now wants to help his family and to try and get Ceri back Faced with horror he has to make some hard decisions Russell the ex deserves the award for biggest jerk and an evil villain award He is truly a crazy person He will go t any lengths to get what he wants I love how the author adds the zombies in Always a nice touch for a zombie fan like me If you want a great story with action, zombies, an evil man andI am not going to spoil anything pick this one up. This is the first book that I have read by Michelle McLean I do not read anything that sounds like it may lean toward horror, but since this is also a romance story I wanted to see what it was about I m so glad I read this It s a really good action packed story that kept me reading until the end because I could not wait to find out what would happen next Ceri McKinley is in the process of visiting the offices of her ex husband to discuss a legal matter when Jason, her ex fianc e shows up asking for her help She has never stopped loving Jason and would love to have him in her life again, but she has no idea what she can do to help him Once she hears his request she finally agrees to help him even though she feels like her involvement will not make a difference in Russell decision.Jason Crickett s brother was killed in a robbery gone bad, so Jason only wants to purchase Peter s body from Russell, the man who now owns him after keeping him alive years ago by the use of mechanical body parts After all, he s dead, so there is no reason that the man needs him now, and if he wants the body parts he put in Peter he can have them But Jason s plans are not going as easy as he thought When Ceri gets him into Russell s office neither one of them expected to see what was in front of their eyes Zombies start taken over the building they are in, and now Jason and Ceri are fighting for their lives Jason also plans to prove to Ceri that he regrets leaving her because he has never stopped loving her, and he will spend the rest of their lives proving it to her That s if they even make it out of the building alive I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Ceri McKinley Never Stopped Wishing That Her Ex Fianc Jason Crickett Would Come Back Into Her Life But When He Finally Does, He Comes With A Request That Puts Them Both And All Of Humanity Into JeopardyJason Only Wants Two Things To Bury His Brother Properly And To Convince Ceri To Trust Him Again After He Jilted Her But When Ceri Agrees To Help Him Get His Brother Back, They End Up Fighting For Their Lives As The Second Zombie Uprising Threatens Them All Originally reviewed on These Pretty Words.You ever read one of those books that shocks you Like you go back to read the summary to make sure you re reading the same thing being advertised This was one for me I expected zombies I expected an old flame reunion with perhaps a little romance What Wish Upon A Star surprised me with, though, was an action packed adventure that kept me flipping pages until the very end.Maybe one of these days I d get it through my thick skull that wishes hardly ever came true Wish Upon A Star is written from Ceri s point of view Years after having gotten dumped days from her wedding to Jason, she s at her ex husband s business to deal with a few visitation issues That s where Jason finds her and where her life almost endstimes than I can count I was detecting a definite odor of eau de corpse I didn t see any visible injuries on him though Weren t zombies supposed to have gaping wounds all over their bodies While Ceri needs to talk to the evil ex husband about their daughter, Jason and his father need to speak with him about the death of his brother What happens next is a thrill ride of action, suspense and multiple cliff hanging chapters in a row Zombies fire bombs non functioning elevators and one really big marionette come into play as Ceri and Jason rush to save her daughter.And then AND THEN Romance, a lovely sense of UST building throughout the adventure until finally FINALLY I m going to leave that there Trust me, you d rather read it than have me summarize it.I give this novella 3.5 stars Drama, romance and a bit of a creep factor due to the zombie invasion all make this a perfect book for a Fall evening It s a quick read with a strong plot and well written characters. I will be honest..I wasn t sure how to rate this book This was a very short read that takes place over only a few hours The relationship is sort of already established they had experienced love and loss now it was just getting back together so they could get their HEA Was the road easy Nope Only thing in their way was a crazy ex husband, a cyborg brother, and a few newly created zombies No pressure right As I was reading, I kept having the thought, this could be a great book if the zombies where muggers, kidnappers or renegade weres Hmmmm weres.that is something I could sink my teeth into I don t mind a good zombie apocalypse romance book now and then, but so muchcould have been done here This did have lots of action.zombie killingclimbing giant puppets.hair spray flame throwers but it all happened so fast it was over in almost a blink Which now that I think about it, may not be a bad thing As for the romance, that was quick too since it was basically just saying I m sorry and I forgive you now lets jump in bed or have sex in the arsenal room while my mom and daughter are in the bedroom and they can come in at any time I did like the cover, very pretty even if it did have blood dripping down the wall The couple looked cute but the cover does not fit the story line But then, not sure what could have been done reallymaybe shown the shelves from the arsenal room in the back drop or the elevator shaft.Would I recommend this book Maybe, if you have a few hours to kill.Would I readfrom this author Yes I have read other things from her that I have liked so I won t hold this one against her. This was a somewhat normal scenario that quickly spiraled out of control Oh who am I kidding this was not a normal scenario Ex wife, Ceri, going to see ex husband, Russell, about his visitation with their daughter Skye Runs into ex fiance, Jason, and his father, Max, who also wants to see her ex husband to try to get the body of his brother Peter back Peter was hurt on the night of Jason s bachelor party only Jason had opted to spend the evening with Ceri He feels that Peter s accident would not have happened if he hadn t stayed with Ceri Russell had used some experimental procedures on Peter and had saved his life but made him a cyborg in the process His cyborg half life had been snuffed out during an attempted robbery in which he was shot and killed Or so everyone thought As Ceri, Jason and Max soon learn, Russell has reanimated Peter and turned him into a zombie one with a chip in his head to do Russell s bidding The situation goes from bad to worse Peter infects the secretary, who starts a zombie outbreak Russell is killed by none other than Peter, and Ceri and Jason find themselves locked into Russell s safe room At least from there they can get out the word about the outbreak and get them some help That help turns out to be the military planning to bomb the establishment in two hours This would be okay except that Ceri has seen her mother and daughter huddled under a desk in Russell s office on the top floor The true story starts here as Jason and Ceri set off to rescue them through a zombie infested building.This one had a lot of suspense and was an interesting take on the outbreak of zombies Enjoyed reading it and turns out according to my spreadsheet, it is the 100th book I have read this year I received an ARC through NetGalley.Cyborgs, zombies, and Las Vegas Oh my That is the unexpected set up for Wish Upon a Star, and it s a good one Ceri is spending the day with her daughter and mother at Pleasure Island before heading to a meeting with her ex husband to discuss custody and visitation Then she runs into her ex fiance, Jason, who also happens to be there to talk to her ex husband about a few things It turns out that Russell is holding his dead brother s body hostage, for some unknown and probably nefarious reasons Jason s brother was the first successful cyborg patient after being in an accident, but now that he s met his final death, Jason just wants to put him to rest Ceri agrees to help Jason talk to Russell about returning the body, but Russell has some other plans for them Wish Upon a Star was super fun It s fast paced, action packed, and is topped off with some steamy romance This is how novellas should be And zombie cyborgs Awesome Ceri and Jason spend most of the 80ish pages fighting zombies, running for their lives, and trying to save her daughter They also work through their past problems in order to rekindle their relationship, but that was less interesting than the impending zombie apocalypse Wish Upon a Star uses the ol race against the clock cliche to keep the story moving, but I definitely think it works Ceri and Jason have only 2 hours to make their way from the basement to the top floor of the hotel, keeping zombies at bay along the way, grab her daughter and mother, then make it back down to the safe room before the military blows the building to smithereens Readof my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I am not a fan of zombies AT ALL I don t watch them on TV I don t usually enjoy reading zombie apocalyptic books AT ALL Having said all that, I signed up for this and one other zombie apocalyptic book Why Why would I do this What made me think that I would enjoy these zombie books The answer the side story.I am a total sucker no pun intended for a Happily Ever After, especially one of a couple that has been torn apart by circumstances or the interference of others And that s what this book looks like it is Ceri and Jason had their HEA and their life together all planned out It started with getting married But three days before the wedding Jason had a family emergency and walked out on her Gone Now he s back and its not only for her He needs her to help him fix the reason he left her in the first place, his brother The person he chose over her How does he get her to see how sorry he is How does he convince her he won t do it again he won t ever choose anyone or anything over her In the end, partly because of his father Max, she says yes.In their world there has already been one zombie uprising and humanity barely survived Since then the serum that was used to reanimate the dead and all the research had been outlawed and destroyed But there will always be those out there in any world who believe the rules are made for others, that they do not apply to them Unfortunately Ceri s ex husband is the man who thinks he can do this and has already started by controlling Peter, Jason s brother Can Ceri ever risk trusting Jason again Notorious Criminal Peter Crickett Gunned Down in Robbery Gone Bad Four years ago, Peter was in a horrific car crash that left him for dead, until Russell Saxton stepped in Russell was the owner of Saxton Technologies and Peter s father was a research scientist there Despite federal regulations forbidding the testing of cyborg prosthetics on human subjectsPeter had become the world s only living cyborg,machine than man, but stilla living, breathing, functioning member of society Peter had become Russell s lead henchman, he most likely did all of Russell s dirty work Now that Peter is dead, Russell will not give the Crickett family Peter s body, saying the body belonged to him because he wascyborg parts than human But Peter s father and brother were worried Max Crickett had been working on some sort of microchip that was supposed to help repair function to damaged brains It was still experimental, but Russell implanted it in Peter s brain Max and his other son, Jason, believe Russell modified Peter s behavior to do his bidding that lead up to his death and they wanted to prove it.After Peter s accident and three days before his wedding, Jason Crickett left Ceri McKinley In her grieving, Ceri met Russell who made her feel wanted She got pregnant and they ended up marrying Russell But after she watched Russell break the hands of a piano player she made small talk with, she divorced him.Now Ceri is at Pleasure Island to meet with Russell to discuss visitation rights for their daughter, Skye She runs into Max and Jason who told her of their trials They were hoping Ceri could talk to Russell and convince him to release Peter s body Ceri knew Russell would not listen to her but she will try anyway Because she never stopped loving Jason.I GIVE THIS BOOK 4 StarsI love zombie stories and this book jacks it up a notch that I did not see coming.I had a little trouble visualizing the climb up the puppet because I have never seen a puppet three stories tall.But this book kept me captivated from the beginning straight to the end You just never know where this story will take you Until next time, live life one page at a time In Wish Upon a Star by Michelle McLean, Ceri was not looking forward to meeting with her controlling ex husband about their custody agreement But when she walked into his office, she certainly wasn t expecting a chain of events that would set into motion the potential for a second zombie apocalypse It was like some twisted game of Spin the Bottle, only instead of a kiss the winner got their face eaten off Ceri s ex fiance Jason and his father spot her there before everything goes awry, and plead with her to help them find a family member so they can put things to rest Unfortunately, her ex husband has other plans Before they have time to process what s happening, they are fighting for their lives and in a mad dash to make it to safety Maybe one of these days I d get it through my thick skull that wishes hardly ever came true Even when they did, they usually didn t turn out the way you wanted Wish Upon a Star is an action packed zombie romance yep, you heard me right that is full of danger, sarcasm and regrets Released just in time for the Halloween season, this is the perfect addition to your TBR list It is definitely not for the weak of stomach as there are some gruesome detailsI mean, it is about zombies But there is also a wonderful thread of longing and love between Ceri and Jason woven into the plot.I really enjoyed Michelle s writing style The descriptions of the situations and characters were spot on and made it every bit as interesting to me as an actual zombie movie would be There was even a touch of humor mixed in to balance everything out Even though it is a short novel, there is still a lot of depth to Ceri and Jason s history and feelings My only gripe is that I wish it was a longer story I d love to getof the backstory that brought them to where they are now and to see what the future holds for them.I d definitely recommend this for horror lovers who want to try something with a different twist to it, or even for romance lovers who want to try out a new genre I look forward tothrilling stories by Michelle McLean.

Michelle McLean grew up in California and has lived everywhere from the deserts of Utah to the tropical beaches of Hawaii to the gorgeous forests of the east coast The oldest of five children, she is generally an organized mess with crazy eclectic tastes She has a B.S in History, a M.A in English, an insatiable love of books, and weird quirks than she d like to admit.Michelle s a jeans an

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