Witch Way to Murder (Ophelia & Abby Mystery, book 1)

Witch Way to Murder (Ophelia & Abby Mystery, book 1)Bewitched Meets Murder She Wrote In This Delightful New Cozy Mystery Series Featuring Ophelia Jensen, Small Town Librarian And Reluctant Psychic, And Her Grandmother Abby, A Benevolent Witch Thirty Something Ophelia Jensen Wants To Live A Quiet Life As A Small Town Librarian She S Created A Comfortable Existence With Her Kooky, Colorful Grandmother Abby, And If It Were Up To Her, They Could Live Out Their Days Along With Ophelia S Dog Lady And Cat Queenie In Peace And Quiet But, To Ophelia S Dismay, She And Abby Aren T A Typical Grandmother Granddaughter Duo She Possesses Psychic Powers, And Abby Is A Kindly Witch And While Ophelia Would Do Anything To Dismiss Her Gift Harboring Terrible Guilt After Her Best Friend Was Killed And She Was Unable To Stop It Threatening Events Keep Popping Up, Forcing Her To Tap Into Her Powers Of Intuition To Make Matters Worse, A Strange Yet Devastatingly Attractive Man Is Hanging Around Ophelia S Library, And No Matter How Many Times She Tells Him She S Sworn Off Men Forever, He Persists Soon This Handsome Newcomer Reveals He S Following A Lead On A Local Drug Ring, And Then A Dead Body Shows Up Right In Abby S Backyard And Much As Ophelia Would Like To Put Away Her Spells Forever, She And Abby Must Use Their Special Powers To Keep Themselves, And Others, Out Of Harm S Way

I ve read many bios that start with the words I wanted to be a writer all of my life and wrote my first story at the age of five I honestly can t say that s true for me at the age of five, as an only child growing up on a farm, my career goal was to be a princess Unfortunately, all those positions happened to be filled, so I followed the path so many other women have traveled marriage, childre

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • Witch Way to Murder (Ophelia & Abby Mystery, book 1)
  • Shirley Damsgaard
  • English
  • 15 October 2017
  • 9780060793487

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    Given my interest in witches and the impending autumn season, I thought this would be a good kick off to embracing what s to come next It was a fun quick read and left me curious for .At first, Ophelia annoyed me as she treated people very poorly however, you could tell it wouldn t last After about 25% of the story, she calms down just enough to be likable and you get to see her relationship with her grandmother Abby, her employee and friend Darci, and her new potential love interest Rick Each relationship shows promise of growth and depth while the secret among the 4 of them of Abby s and Ophelia s witch ways invites a little fervor.For a first in series, it s a good start We don t learn a whole lot about the other characters, and I don t feel like I can easily picture the mid western Appalachian town, but I feel like that may come with time There are a lot of rotten apples in one small town, but doesn t that happen in all cozies I look forward to seeing what sorts of witchery and magick come our way with this series About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by.

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    As a librarian, I was borderline offended by how the main character was portrayed in this book It seemed as though librarians just sit around and chat while they re working She uses her super librarian skills to solve the murder which is limited to GOOGLING THE ANSWER ON THE INTERNET Well that s a reliable source of information fail Also I found it lame that the character s name was Ophelia If her parents were true Shakespeare fans, they wouldn t name her after the saddest, most pathetic, suicidal, side character from Hamlet I would go with Beatrice, Miranda, Olivia from Twelfth Night or even one of the girls from Midsummer Night s Dream.

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    Unsatisfying The main character is a jerk because trauma who uses her special librarian powers to solve the case by really sucking at research Said case manages to be both nonsensical and predictable, which is quite the trick The love interest is someone on whom I would have filed a restraining order immediately I hated him SO MUCH, ugh Seriously, the first day he meets her, he is really pushy and obnoxious about wanting to follow her home from work in case something happens Like what Like in case some creepy stranger shows up at my office and won t leave me alone and then follows me home I m sorry, your tight ass doesn t get you a pass on that shit THAT SAID, Mr Odious is gone and I really like the idea of this series and there were bits of promise in here, so I ll be reading the next one Never let it be said I m not an optimist

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    WITCH WAY TO MURDER Paranormal Cozy Iowa Cont OkayDamsgaard, Shirley 1st in seriesAvon Mystery, 2005 PaperbackOphelia is the town librarian with psychic abilities, but has repressed her abilities, in spite of the encouragement of her grandmother Abby, descended from Appalachian healers But when Richard, an attractive stranger, comes to town and dead body turns up, Ophelia begins having very disturbing dreams she can t ignore This was okay, but not great It was a little slow I became bored with Ophelia until the end More time was spent on her angst and the rather annoying attention of Richard, than the mystery Abby and Darci, the assistant librarian, were the interesting characters, but they were in a supporting role I was disappointed with the use of magic in the conclusion It s a quick read, but I would hope for much from the next book.

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    Justmeh I d give it 1.5 stars if I could The plot was ok, but I figured it out fairly early in the book The main character needs to learn spells on How To Get Over It and Not Going To Answer Your Stupid Questions The reporter isn t very good at his job if he goes around badgering random people for no reason by peppering them with personal questions The romance was forced and clumsier than a virgin nerd at a porn convention Note to authors bringing up some event in a character s past over and over and over without a explaining it or b having it relate to the plot is really a annoying and detracts considerably from the book So just stop it Brainstorm some better plot ideas and character development rather than resorting to this ineffective and lazy plot device.

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    See, I finally did read another cozy mystery Ophelia is a librarian She has a haunted past The townsfolk like her, but avoid her Her grandmother is a witch, but only Ophelia knows this Her only friend is a woman working at the library, and they are not even friends in a way.Yeah, Ophelia really pushed people away But then a mysterious hot guy shows up And there are strange things happening in town And then there is that dead body, and her grandmother telling her that she must solve this.It was a light mystery that I could read fast Ophelia was nice when you got to know her There is a hint of romance But the next book I have is book 6 and it was not that awesome that I will buy the rest I will just read that sixth book one day.

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    This isn t bad, it just isn t good And it is impossible to take about way without some spoilers.The main character, Ophelia, is pretty good, though her reaction about not being touched because her best friend was murdered and she couldn t save him, seems a bit much considering that they were friends only We are told this because he was gay so no hanky panky Though, we aren t told much else about him so I wonder how close they actually were.For a book where the main character gets upset about sterotypes, there are sure a great many stertotypes that play true in the book.The romantic lead is a jerk, sorry.

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    Ophelia and Abby are grandmother and granddaughter They are also witches, tho the later reluctant and in denial An instance in their past left Abby s best friend Brian, dead and is the reason she shuns the way she is gifted with But now the realm is askew, there is a new danger afoot Fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia are being stolen from farmers There is a stranger in town who asks too much, looks too hard and plays a bit too unfairly Then the body shows up.Abby blames herself for the death of Brian Since that time, she has shut herself off from physical and emotional contact outside her grandmother A fact that is repeated way too often throughout the book But current events necessitate the need for a confidant and someone to watch her back After a few beers, some pizza and a near all nighter, that need is met.It s kinda the cliche love hate relationship between Ophelia and stranger in town Rick, but there is so much else going on, you don t mind Abby Darci co worker at library with Ophelia are my favorite characters Fun, bawdy and totally on the ball.I liked Abby s use of herbs accurately and her gentle ways, Ophelia gets on your nerves after a while, Darci..love her, and Rick was a nice add in The closer to the climax of the book, the faster the pages turned It was a one day read, due to the action filled ending I sure hope now that Ophelia has accepted life as it is, the next book will be less woe is me and of what made this one exciting And I do intend to read the next one to see.

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    Damsgaard delivers the goods w her sensational debut, Witch Way to Murder I want to thank Ms Damsgaard for creating an intelligent series that is a cut above most cozy debuts.Kudos to Damsgaard for weaving an enthralling tale of magick mystery.Welcome to rural Iowa, where nothing exciting seems to happen each day merges into the next.Ophelia Jensen has been a recluse since her best friend was horribly murdered four years ago.Ophelia doesn t want anyone to know she s psychic her grandmother, Abby, a witchWhen Ophelia finds a dead body that might be connected to a drug ring, the family secret just may be revealed.When dapper newcomer Rick Davis, sweeps into town professing to be a fertilizer salesman begins asking far too many questions, Ophelia s sixth sense goes into overdrive What is the suave salesman really doing spending so many hours in the library s archives Damsgaard has a skill for writing authentic characters that are engaging, intense, intriguing vivacious.Darci, who is Ophelia s bubbly assistant at the library, is absolutely irrepressible.I look forward to watching her grow along w the series.Damsgaard also does an impressive job of unfolding Ophelia s past throughout the book.Witch Way to Murder is a topnotch cozy w a paranormal twist that is riveting, tasteful charming.Witch Way to Murder is peppered w red herrings round the clock suspense I just love cozies am hooked on Damsgaard s delectable series.Damsgaard weaves a wickedly smooth, entertaining cozy w a dollop of paranormal that will enchant from beginning to end

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    My four sentence or less take on the plot Ophelia Jensen is a small town librarian with some major issues with her family, her paranormal abilities, and her personal relationships When a mysterious and nosy chemical salesman comes to town and a body is found, Ophelia s world is turned upside down Ophelia knows she s involved through her grandmother s visions and is pulled in to the investigation Rating BWhat worked I m from Iowa and I can tell the author is from Iowa too The characters are well portrayed and it never falls into the generic hick stereotype of so many books The mystery, centered around a methamphetamine ring, makes a lot of sense in the setting meth production is a major problem in Iowa I thought the characters of Rick the love interest , Darci Ophelia s friend and co worker , and Abby Ophelia s grandmother were well fleshed out and interesting What didn t It took me a long time to warm up to Abby She seemed rather obnoxious and it was hard to understand why anyone would want to get to know her I also thought her paranormal abilities were a bit confusing and could have been fleshed out.www.notalwaysthebutler.blogspot.com

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