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Writing the Christian Nonfiction Book There Are Three Rules For Writing A Book, A Famous Author Once Said Unfortunately, No One Knows What They Are To Some Extent, The Process Of Writing A Book Is Shrouded In Mystery Writing The Christian Nonfiction Book Concept To Contract Takes The Confusion Out Of The Writing And Publishing Process Based On Dave Fessenden S Regular Column In Cross Quill Magazine And The Seminars He Teaches At Christian Writers Conferences Across The Country, This Book Presents Eight Steps Every Author Must Take To Be Successfully Published

David E Fessenden is an independent editorial coach and publishing consultant for the Christian book market He brings to this position over 20 years experience in editorial management with Christian publishing houses Dave has a B.A in journalism, an M.A in religion, and over 30 years of experience in writing and editing In previous positions Dave served on the communications staff of a Bible

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  • Paperback
  • 202 pages
  • Writing the Christian Nonfiction Book
  • David E. Fessenden
  • English
  • 09 April 2017
  • 9780982577332

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    PRICELESS.This is a book that will completely open your eyes as a Christian non fiction writer, whether you are a seasoned writer or like myself, just starting out This really helped me slow down and reflect on all aspects that need serious consideration.It starts as it means to go on, aware of your faith and desire to write yet it brings a realistic approach to help you balance what you feel the Lord is calling you to write and how to bring it to the marketplace.My favorite aspect was possibly the last two chapter, which were, Fine tuning the manuscript and Landing the contract It showed the side of the business you don t see whether its because your in love with your book or you are not aware of what the publishers are looking for or gets them in a tizwaz because we, the authors, haven t taken the time to check before sending I personally felt very encouraged by this book and it has really galvanised my outlook and faith to continue writing I would highly recommended this book.

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    Excellent resource for non fiction Christian writers.

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    A Must Read for Writers Another how to writing book, you say You ve got to be kidding me I hear you I m not a non fiction reader I m not a how to reader Put the two together and I m gagging Majorly I ll take a lecture any day over having to read a manual.So why am I even talking about David s new book, Concept to Contract Because I ve finally found the help for writers like me David magically encapsulates all the things a writer needs to know from the conception of the book idea to the signing the contract while encouraging the writer every step of the way Even authors of other how to write books are impressed.James N Watkins said, I ve composed two of my own books for writers Plus I ve taught writing at hundreds of conferences and colleges during the past thirty years But I have to admit I m just a bit jealous of David s Concept to Contract He s managed to collect and communicate in his warm and witty style all the basics from concept to contract A great resource I just wish I had written it You re a fiction writer Still, this book is for you David packs so much basic information into this less than 200 page book that even a fiction writer can glean a tremendous amount of help from it Seriously You ve got to get your hands on a copy of this book and keep it handy for when those nagging questions pop up.Here s a list of topics it covers 1 The Mysterious Process2 Brainstorming Corralling Your Ideas3 Research Public and Private4 The Dreaded Outline5 Book Proposals The Front End Method6 The First Draft Begin and the Beginning7 Revisions Where the Real Writing Begins8 Fine Tuning the Manuscript9 Landing the ContractAppendix A Checklist for Revision and Finalizing of ManuscriptAppendix B Sample Permission LetterEndnotesLooks simplistic, doesn t it Don t be fooled These chapters are packed with nothing but helpful, easy to read and understand information Even the lay out within the chapters grabs you and keeps your focus, and it s easy to thumb through and find answers to specific questions without necessarily having to read everything in succession My advice is to read through it once to get the over all picture and then go back and study it or keep it handy for things you need refreshing on As W Terry Whalin said, Read this book No, do much than read it, you need to study it carefully Marlene Bagnull said it is must reading for every Christian writer who hopes to one day have a book in print David s practical advice is presented clearly and sprinkled with humor Highly readable and highly recommended Harold Sala said, Whether you are a seasoned author or a novice, this book takes you through the process from start to finish It can be the difference between success and frustration I recommend it wholeheartedly So, if you re looking for the guide to writing a non fiction book or even a fictional book Concept to Contract is the book for you

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    I am so very glad I picked this book up at the writers conference Toward the end of the conference and after several passes looking at books on display, something about this book caught my eye Without second thoughts I picked it up and added it to my wife s stack of books she was going to buy This instructional book does not read like your English book from high school It is a fun read and so easy to follow It s so well done that I think rewriting my manuscript from the approach Fessenden details would be much fun than editing what I have I am definitely following it on my next book.

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    Very informative Even though Concept to Contract talks specifically about writing nonfiction books, I found that many of the points apply also to writing and publishing fiction David Fessenden discusses every stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to signing the contract I love the emphasis he places on prayer.I would recommend this book to writers of fiction and nonfiction alike

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    Very helpful and informativeEasy to read and informative A wonderful example The author clearly explains complex ideas and the variability of the process His ideas and suggestions align with scripture and are reasonable and ethical Highly recommended

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    Fessenden lays how each step should be done in vivid details He breaks it down where I can understand it step by step I am going back to reread his book and take notes just so I ll remember what I learned.

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    Practical help, clearly outlined.

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