Written on His Skin

Written on His Skin This cannot be a debut book What an incredible little gem this was There were so many feels from the very first word until the last as Ms Stark places her readers into the very heart of her characters I fell in love with Roux the minute he saw that letter on his cot and would ve tossed it away but chose instead to open it His reactions both physically and emotionally to each letter or package that was delivered only increased my connection to him He s a hardened warrior who has been alone for too long, living for his job when Abby unexpectedly enters his life I don t claim book boyfriends but if ever I did, Theodore LaRoux would be at the top In contrast to Roux s strength and determination, Abby is soft and sweet Lonely in her own way, she suffers from self image issues Despite the differences between them, and as hard as she tries to keep Roux away, she cannot help but yield to the call of her Loupe This was a beautiful read and ended way too soon for my liking One could never have enough Roux I did feel that the story was lost some once these two got together physically, but I believe that s because there was so much magic in the letters Dual POVSafeNo Triggers So close to 5 stars This is a correspondence love story done right It was so sweet The build up to their meeting was perfect Sexual tension and flirting I loved that there was no cheating or ow om drama whatsoever It was true romance which doesn t need all of that nonsense.The heroine pushed away for a short bit but she was so miserable without him Roux was perfection His Cajun dialect and dirty mouth was the stuff of dream heroes So, what kept it from being 5 stars for me Well, while the epilogue was cute, 2 months out isn t enough I want, no I NEED, to know how their lives panned out I just didn t meet my expectations at the end. 3.5 Magic Peen Gave Me Self Esteem Stars I have to say that this book hooked me from the get go.First off, that blurb YES PLEASE I love books with some sort of long distance communication Letters, emails, texts, anything.I LOVE IT And this book delivered right from the beginning An honest letter from Abby to Roux set the stage perfectlyYou could be anyone I could be anyone And suddenly, we re than anyone We re someone To each other Letters are magic that way, don t you thinkRoux has had a lonely adulthood Losing his parents at a young age and joining the military as soon as his grandmother died, he s spent over 15 years oversees serving his country And Abby s letter felt like a lifeline A connection to someone that he felt deeply..IMMEDIATELY.Now, I am no hater of insta lust love Not at all It doesn t turn me off, and I don t even blink if I see it in a blurb review Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn t Here.it worked, but at the same time, it was a little too much Roux was all kinds of turned on and hard as a rock from the moment he opens up Abby s first letter, reads the first couple of paragraphs, and sees her beautiful handwritinghe was done for So, I m all about a man falling for a woman in all kinds of waysI love your honesty, your sense of humor, your intelligence, your beauty.your penmanship cue record scratch But you know what I rolled with it The letters QUICKLY got flirty and naturally Roux was all bangs chest Abby is MINE Which is when my rolling with it turned into an ummmmmm, let s slow our roll a bit Abby s insecurity with her appearance and decision to send her sister s picture to Roux had me pausing a bit That s a little weird I d be pissed as hell if my sister did that Dude, you re sending my pic to strangers and chatting them up No.So, let s talk about Abby s insecurity She s a little chubby per her , and kinda boring per her , and nerdy per her Personally, minus the insecurity , I thought she was adorbs Her animal puns t shirts were amazing and I want every single one of them However, she constantly compared herself to her perfect sister and was convinced that a man like Roux would never want someone like her And there go my eyes rolling awayOf course the inevitable happens and the two finally meet I have to be honest and say that this scene straddled the line of creepy for me a wee bit The sparks are there and oh boy so are the sexy good times Roux does not hold back in his dirty talk and dirty ways Homeboy could get it any day Just know.the heat has been brought.And now we move into our hero injecting self esteem into our heroine via his awesomely amazing dick He bathes her in compliments of how wonderful, smart, funny, sexy she is.and light bulb if someone like Roux could find her awesome, maybe she is Ugh This is a narrative in romance that I really want to bash with an oversized hammer Why Why is this a thing One hot guy with a dirty mouth and a life changing dick and POOF Look at that, I m so amazing and love myself If it weren t for this pet peeve, I would have rated this higher Because you know what The writing here is good The characters were pretty well developed for such a short novella The story hooked me, kept me reading, and had me invested from start to finish And I ll tell you another thing I m keeping my eye out for Simone Stark and her future books She hooked me with this debut, and I m really looking forward to seeing what else she has up her sleeves. Thank you, Carla for recommending this book This is the kind of books I search for in a novella but rarely find It was maturely written, had a strong alpha, insta love and just a really good storyline that had me re reading certain lines in the book because it was just that good Loved it If someone literally entered my brain and wrote a book about half of my fantasies, Written on his Skin would be how it goes It is the story of Abby and Roux A hot military hero A curvy, shy heroine Pets called Darcy and Bennet which are my dream names from future pets A pen pal romance Insta love Dirty talk Sweet, devoted hero Mild angst HEA EpilogueI was severely disappointed by recently published books so I had reverted to Old School romances this has revived my kinky soul Really enjoyed it.Much love and thanks to Megan for suggesting this.Safe4.5 5 4.5 StarsWhoa, this was hot, hot, hot I got this rec from Sarah McLean in her Old School Romance Book Club group on FB While this is def not old school, it was one hell of a read Fairly short, wildly romantic, and smoking hot, it starts out with letters from a deployed Green Beret to his lady pen pal of sorts And it ends with some explosive chemistry Definitely a goodie. There need to be male leads with Cajun accents That is all. Letters Are Magic, Don T You ThinkYou Could Be Anyone I Could Be AnyoneAnd Then, Suddenly, We Re Than AnyoneWe Re SomeoneWhen Abigail Trent Agreed To Write A Letter To A Soldier Deployed Overseas, She Expected It To Be A Fleeting Exchange A Friendly Back And Forth That Ended Barely After It Began She Didn T Expect Theodore LaRoux It Isn T Strange That Writing Feels So Good It S RightHere S My Secret I Like Making You Feel GoodAbby Didn T Expect Roux To Be A Living Fantasy, Either Sexy, Smart And Strong Enough To Star In Every One Of Her Dreams So, Was It Any Wonder That When He Asked For A Photo, She Sent One That Would Star In His Dreams The Fact That It Was A Picture Of Someone Else Wouldn T Be A Problem After All, It S Not Like They D Ever Meetright Wrong Written On His Skin Is A Sexy, Dirty , Word Novella Featuring A Set The Pages On Fire Cajun Hero And The Curvy Girl Who Wins His Heart HEA Guaranteed 3.5 stars Let me make one thing clear, I did NOT like the heroine I wanted to seriously bitchslap her and I never warmed up towards her She lied, and that lie is not a small lie, it s almost a crime What she did, she did without her sister s consent view spoiler I mean seriously who sends someone else s photo without their consent The fact that hero didn t see Kelly in his wet dreams is absolutely irrelevant What IF he did That is wrong in so many different levers I can t even start contemplating hide spoiler 4.5 Give Me More Books, Simone Stark Stars One of my favorite novellas EVAH Of course, I wish it was a full book, but I ll take what I can get I will definitely be rereading this gem again and again Abby starts sending anonymous letters to a soldier cue eye roll I typically don t go for this type of story line, especially if it is weepy But this was NOT weepy I loved how the temperature was turned up very early on in the letters These two quickly get to know each other, but Roux does not mess around and he gets right down to business Abby and Roux are adorable And oh so sexy Roux is a dream He so big giggles And the fact that Abby isn t your skinny minny body type She is curvy and Roux loves her body The letters.THE LETTERS I have to admit, I usually don t like letters in a book But these.are Hawwwt And then they eventually start with some sexy phone times growl And when they finally meet in person, I was fist pumping I was so excited Let the sex commence There are so many facets of this book that made it amazing This short is definitely up there with another one of my favorites, Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye.I WANT MORE BOOKS FROM YOU, SIMONE STARK Get on it wink

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  • 12 January 2017

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