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You Are Not Alone I received the new UK paperback edition of Jermaine s book You Are Not Alone from UK today and had to read the new final chapter then had to stop because I didn t want to burst into tears in the office believe me, it s happened This new edition, with the beautiful cover image of Michael age 31, captured by Annie Lebovitz, and the extra chapter September 2011 , merely emphasises the risks Michael ran in trusting with his life, in this instance people he liked and wanted to remain loyal to in terms of his friendship and patronage.As in some other instances involving his personal life, his career, his integrity and reputation, and, of course, his money, he was mistaken Fatally mistaken in Murray s case Even given Michael s determined insistance on such extreme, unconventional means of curing his chronic insomnia, as Jermaine expresses it the consequences on 25th June 2009 were so easily preventable, if only he had been in the hands of a competent doctor He certainly thought he was He was wrong.In the new final chapter, Jermaine mentions an expert witness who was never called by the DDA Walgren but who could have helped, with his testimony, dispel the erroneous accusations of addiction which the press were so quickly to spread around the world, and repeat to this day Dr Chavez opinions make essential reading for anyone still having doubts whether about Demerol or Propofol as administered to Michael.Jermaine now concludes You Are Not Alone with the Jackson s Unity tour, and explains how it feels for them to be performing some of Michael s music without him His last imagined impression of Michael, as a little boy sitting in the clouds wearing a sequin glove and tapping his foot to the beat is a sweet, brotherly image, though completely at odds with the one I have of the King of Pop, Rock and Soul.As one of his big brothers, it s certainly understandable that Jermaine and other members of Michael s family like to image him depict him as the little boy that headed the family singing group and was largely responsible for their international success, and certainly the current renewed interest in the Jacksons as a musical group and success of the Unity tour being enjoyed by Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon.My own image of Michael is of the beautiful mature man I fell in love with like millions of other fans as seen in stunning music videos and gorgeous photos of him in his 30s, 40s and at 50, enduring all that life, greed and the media threw at him, until at last, his own drive for perfection in his craft caused him to put his life in the hands of an incompetent physician in order to put all that creative energy on hold long enough for him to get a good night s sleep.Since we can t turn back the clock, we can at least take some melancholy satisfaction from the fact that Michael s ultimate sacrifice for his art has ensured his immortality in the minds of millions the world over, for generations to come.As fans we have an important role to play in making sure that continues in a way that would make Michael happy Many individuals and organised groups of fans have done that already with charitable acts, donations and other activities undertaken in honor of Michael s humanitarian legacy.It just goes to show, as Michael said, in the end, it really is up to us.Kerry HenniganJuly 10, 2012. Let me begin by saying I never was a Jackson 5 or Michael Jackson fan I liked a few of their songs but they never floated my boat That said, I came into reading this book thinking it would be a totally biased puff piece It was not Jermaine Jackson was biased but in a way that a brother would naturally be defending his brother But, he also writes about the domineering Papa Joseph Jackson and his total stranglehold on the family during the early years Also, he writes about many of the inter family squabbles I do think the book is ultimately worth reading and it gave me a greater appreciation of Michael Jackson s art, his work ethic and his charity. Considering that I initially resisted buying Jermaine s book because of my feelings towards some of Michael s siblings and some things done and said since his tragic passing, I can t recommend You Are Not Alone Michael, Through a Brother s Eyes highly enough to other MJ fans.This is a loving tribute to an often misunderstood by the media especially genius, a modern Renaissance man who longed to be Peter Pan, and who, through his art and resultant global fame, really did fly to the highest of heights, but also experienced the lowest of lows.As well as chronicling their childhood and adolescence at home and on the road as members of the Jackson 5, Jermaine provides a sensitive and compassionate portrait of his brother s less happy times, and in particular a behind the scenes account of the anguish Michael and the whole Jackson family suffered during the 2005 court case.In this book, erroneous myths about MJ are exposed and the simple truth revealed to be just as Michael tried to tell the media himself, usually unsuccessfully because the myths and lies were considered far newsworthy and generated higher ratings Jermaine emphatically sets the record straight once again on his brother s behalf Whether the tabloids take notice, or believe it, remains to be seen They haven t in the past You won t find any grist for the gossip mill here just a lot of love for a cherished lost brother, a special soul too sensitive for the world in which he lived, and one whose legacy will continue to grow so long as his music is aired, his groundbreaking videos viewed, and people are inspired to donate or volunteer for humanitarian and environmental organisations because of Michael Jackson. You will learn a whole lot about who Michael Jackson was This book will fill in the same blanks the media filled, only with the truth I have become extremely heartbroken with the way the media industry made Michael Jacksons life To know and study who he really was is to fall in love, L O V E, with a man who gave so much of himself to the world, through insane rumors and headlines, he kept his chin up and fought back by not changing and keeping the love first in his heart He s the top dog under dog and though he s gone, his music, love, message and influence live on We should all learn to be like Michael Jackson Jermaine goes into many if not most of all the headlines and rumors and gives you the real story and the reactions We see MJ through his brothers eyes Filled with love but not excluding the bad side The side of MJ that could cause hurt, like distancing himself from his brothers or his impulses that would lead to others including Jermaine having to pick up the pieces With such distance between them you get the whole story of the closeness before and then during their parting of ways to pursuit their own artistic careers and then the solo years No one is a total saint, not even Michael but he was not the man in the headlines I recommend doing research while reading this book because there was one point where I was thrown Totally irrelevant but I have one question did Dean Martin really own a pet bear 4 out of 5 stars just because some points get repetitive to the point of useless That s about it Best Books, You Are Not Alone Author Jermaine Jackson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book You Are Not Alone , Essay By Jermaine Jackson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Jermaine Jackson s book is a well written exploration of the phenomena of Michael Jackson Although Jermaine faced challenges in the Jackson family, including leaving the Jackson Five when he disagreed with them leaving Motown Records, the book seemed objective and truthful Jermaine also had the benefit of being an older member of the Jackson siblings, so he could recount memories that the others might not have as clearly. I cannot tell you enough about how this book is truly excellent and it opened my eyes to the life of Michael Jackson.I would never admit to being a big, big super fan of his although I always found him truly talented This biography on him by his brother shines a light of a rare talent that awoke in Michael Jackson s junior years, surviving haphazardly and after many difficulties until his light extinguished in 2009.Jermaine Jackson writes with little ego about the Jackson family and dispels many myths of abuse as perpetuated by their father Joseph Jackson Instead, Jermaine portrays his father as unrelenting when developing the family talent, painting him as strict yet ambitious and supportive He writes with much love when he turns to the spotlight of Michael about halfway through the book and explains every possible difficulty that was associated to being Michael giving every reader a realistic account of what his life was really like as a megastar and living in a celebrity obsessed climate In every way, Michael s life was almost impossible to truly live and was ever questioned.Jermaine Jackson really comes into his own, I feel, when elaborating on the eventual demise of his brother and through his ghost writer who he admits to employing in the credits communicates with a frank honesty about some of Michael s problems in being too transparent, na ve and gullible in how he revealed aspects of his life to the world He talks, for example, about the Bashir documentary that featured Michael talking about his love of children in a than sensitive climate.For anyone who is not a Jackson or Michael fan and equally for anyone who believed him guilty of offences towards children then this probably will not be a book to pick up as it will prick too many nerves For anyone with a open mind however then this book will provide than a glimpse into an extraordinary yet ultimately tragic life.The book is beautifully written and is narrated in a three part formula Jackson s early life the beginning, the middle, and the sad end and is very detailed on Michael Jackson s music, personality, hopes and fears I loved reading every page of my near on two week at intervals read of it and out of the many hundreds of books that I have ever read then this one will always stand out It s a keeper for the bookshelf is this gem and I have a newfound respect for the brotherly and very tender love that Jermaine showed Michael in the writing of it.Most highly recommended. this book broke my heart to pieces but i loved it. A really moving and insightful look into the Jackson family s history The book is marketed as something that is focused on Jermaine s view of his brother Michael s life, which it is, but it also details a lot about Jermaine and the rest of the family s lives One thing that I wasn t expecting, was my feeling of empathy with their at times, abusive father Joe Once Jermaine painted the picture of how tough the area they grew up in, in Gary Indiana, you can understand why Joe pushed them so hard for a better life Of course, this does not justify or make their Father s brutality acceptable I got the impression that Joe, through his own tough life, did the best that he was capable of.Michael was described as a much rounded and believable character than junk the tabloids have reported over the years However, Jermaine doesn t make Michael out to be a perfect character Instead he describes him in a way that only a family member can, honestly Flaws and all, Jermaine s description of Michael still communicates that he was one of most endearing and amazing human beings to have ever walked the planet Caring to a fault, maybe slightly naive at times, private, good humoured, intelligent, observant, a prankster, and of course amazingly talented.I can t encourage people to read this book enough It s not just an attempt to make money off the back of Michael s death The genuine love that Jermaine felt for his brother pours from its pages It s a story about a family making good, the American dream It s about a wonderful and inhumanly talented man, who was largely misunderstood right up until his death A man whom was effectively linch mobbed for others selfish gains. This book was pretty much an overview about Micheal Jackson from the point of his view from of his brother, Jermaine Jackson Jermaine was telling his readers all that his family has been through with the now late Micheal He went into detail about how talented and creative Micheal was when he was by himself and Jackson 5 They saw that they all had a tremendous talent regarding singing and dancing They exploited those talents and decided to share it with the world hence Jackson 5 It took them allot to get to their highest point since during those times everyone wanted to be famous and be known.My favorite part of the whole book was when they had lived next door to Diana Ross It must have been amazing to have lived next to such a prodigy Jermaine even stated how wonderful of an experience it was He talked about how they would all go to her house and hang with her and what not I could imagine from Jermaine s description singing with her would have been a breath taking.I would recommend this book to someone who loved Micheal Jackson in the older crowd The reason being is because if an older person was reading this they could reminisce about how wonderful Jackson 5 and Micheal alone was They would have allot of laughs and cries knowing how insanely up and down the Jackson family was A newer aged person wouldn t really understand because times are different and the younger age only liked him because of his music and not his hardships or what he accomplished.

Jermaine La Jaune Jackson also known as Muhammed Abdul Aziz is an American singer, bassist, composer, a member of The Jackson 5, older brother of American pop stars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and occasional film director He also produced and recorded duets with American singer Whitney Houston in her early years as a recording artist.

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