Your House Will Pay

Your House Will PayA Powerful And Taut Novel About Racial Tensions In LA, Following Two Families One Korean American, One African American Grappling With The Effects Of A Decades Old CrimeIn The Wake Of The Police Shooting Of A Black Teenager, Los Angeles Is As Tense As It S Been Since The Unrest Of The Early S Protests And Vigils Are Being Staged All Over The City It S In This Dangerous Tinderbox That Two Families Must Finally Confront Their PastsGrace Park Lives A Sheltered Existence Living At Home With Her Korean Immigrant Parents, Working At The Family Pharmacy, And Trying Her Best To Understand Why Her Sister Miriam Hasn T Spoken To Their Mother In Years The Chasm In Her Family Is Growing Wider By The Day And Grace Is Desperate For Reconciliation, And Frustrated By The Feeling That Her Sister And Parents Are Shielding Her From The True Cause Of The Falling OutShawn Matthews Is Dealing With A Fractured Family Of His Own His Sister, Ava, Was Murdered As A Teenager Back In , And This New Shooting Is Bringing Up Painful Memories Plus, His Cousin Ray Is Just Released From Prison And Needs To Reconnect With Their Family After So Many Years Away While Shawn Is Trying His Best To Keep His Demons At Bay, He S Not Sure Ray Can Do The SameWhen Another Shocking Crime Hits LA, The Parks And The Matthewses Collide In Ways They Never Could Have Expected After Decades Of Loss, Violence, And Injustice, Tensions Come To A Head And Force A Reckoning That Could Clear The Air Or Lead To Violence

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Your House Will Pay
  • Steph Cha
  • English
  • 03 June 2017
  • 9780062868855

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    NOW AVAILABLE when i heard about this book, the first thing i thought after what a fantastic title that is was that it would be a readalike for All Involved, which was a sharp and gritty piece of crime fiction in which gang affiliated characters used the racial tensions and violence of the l.a riots in the aftermath of the rodney king verdict as an excuse to seek revenge for longstanding grudges, leading to a back and forth killing spree leaving many intended targets dead along with unaffiliated innocents caught in the crossfires.but i was wrong, wrong, wrong, and while its central dramatic conflict occurs as a tangential result of the racially charged atmosphere in los angeles following king s beating, this is a different take altogether far less violent and nihilistic and closer in tone to a book like Ask Again, Yes it s a tragic but redemptive family drama with such strong current day relevance and moral complexity that discerning book clubs should take note cha s novel is based on a real life incident the death of fifteen year old african american latasha harlins here, ava matthews who was shot in the back of the head by a korean convenience store owner named soon ja du here, yvonne park jung ja han in 1991, two weeks after the video of rodney king s beating surfaced du had accused latasha of shoplifting a bottle of orange juice, and their verbal altercation escalated into the physical before the fifty one year old woman grabbed a gun and fired, killing the girl when police arrived on the scene, they discovered that latasha had the money for the juice in her hand du was convicted of voluntary manslaughter but served no jail time, an outcome contributing to the unrest that culminated in the riots Your House Will Pay is set in the summer of 2019, after yet another police shooting of an unarmed black teenage boy provokes community outrage the city is a simmering powder keg of tension an atmosphere of violence just about to erupt as cries for justice and the unhealed wounds of those still feeling betrayed by the ava matthews verdict rise up during a vigil attended by an influx of the sneering red hat wearing western boys drawn to the scene by social media doing what it does best riling people up and adding fuel to the fire, while the presumably responsible professional media is no better, and tensions are high.this increasingly fraught atmosphere is the backdrop for a tragedy of shakespearian proportions as the members of the two families most directly connected to ava matthews death find their fates knotted together once in the wake of another violent crime the story is shared between ava s brother shawn, who was with ava at the time of the shooting, and yvonne s sheltered daughter grace, who wasn t even born when the incident occurred, and knew nothing about it until now these two characters are the anchor points around whom swirl the events of the past and present, and the wide ranging emotions and actions of their families and friends, building a richly drawn and compelling story of the weight of secrets, shame, and guilt and the effects of a legacy of violence and injustice on families and communities in a country approaching its boiling point it s a helluva book, and cha resists applying the disingenuous balm of easy answers onto a conflict too deeply layered with scars and emotional pain to resolve smoothly, but she offers the possibility of healing, of recovering from the loss and rage and resisting the expectations of a world where private tragedies become public spectacle sensitive and astute, it s a book we need right now, and it s a book that lingers, offering plenty to think about He remembered those six days of violence, fire and havoc wherever he looked, stumbling bodies and stunned, bleeding faces He watched his city go up in flames, and under the sadness and rage, the exhilaration of rampage, he recognized the sparkle of hope Rebirth that was the promise of destruction The olive branch, the rainbow, the good men spared to rebuild the earth.But where was the new city And who were the good men Los Angeles, this was supposed to be it The end of the frontier, land of sunshine, promised land Last stop for the immigrant, the refugee, the fugitive, the pioneer It was Shawn s home, where his mother and sister had lived and died But he had left, and so had most of the people he knew Chased out, priced out, native children living in exile And he saw the fear and rancor here, in the ones who d stayed This city of good feeling, of tolerance and progress and loving thy neighbor, was also a city that shunned and starved and killed its own No wonder, was it, that it huffed and heaved, ready to blow Because the city was human, and humans could only take so much.come to my blog

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    I ve been working on this book since the end of 2014, and while I get maybe one shot at sifting for typos, I think I can finally say it s done It s a bit of a departure from my P.I series, a literary social crime novel about two Los Angeles families, a contemporary story with deep roots in the black Korean tensions of the early 90s I ve worked long and hard on it, so I m not gonna qualify this I think it s really good and I can t wait for you all to read it.

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    This is an ambitious book It s trying to tell a very specific story, tied deeply to a particular place and time, exploring the repercussions of an often forgotten set of racial tension between Black and Korean people in Los Angeles As Cha notes, the specifics are often lost in the larger story of Rodney King and the Watts riots While it s very specific, it will also feel relevant to anyone living in the US right now, a time of protests and memorials and repeated unspeakable losses.We see this story through two sets of eyes Shawn grew up in the worst of it and got caught up in gangs and violence, but he s found his way through and settled in to a kind of stable adulthood, supporting his cousin s family while he s in prison Shawn s sister Ava was gunned down as a teenager before there was a Black Lives Matter movement, and he still feels the loss Grace is the dutiful daughter of Korean immigrants, working in her parents pharmacy, moving aimlessly through her late 20 s, reading terrible stories in the news and feeling bad but detached Shawn and Grace are connected without realizing it, but as the story unfolds they will find old secrets coming back to light.I think Cha builds a really interesting and current story with lots of layers to peel through But I think she paints herself into a corner somewhat, I was dissatisfied with the ending even though I understand the logic behind it It feels like the present, where we still don t know where things go from here, but it felt off to me I think Grace gets a little too much of this story, too She is called out for her often self centered approach to the events of the book than once, but she also gets to have equal billing in the narrative and I can t help but think that giving her less of it would make the book a little balanced This isn t an escapist book, it feels an awful lot like reading the news, but I think Cha has captured a lot of the anxiety and concern of this moment incredibly well, definitely the strongest element of the book.

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    Steph Cha s Your House Will Pay is simultaneously thrilling and thoughtful, a novel about the aftermath of a fictional grocery store shooting in 1991, in South Los Angeles, just after the Rodney King verdict was announced The pregnant wife of the Korean proprietor shoots and kills a 16 year old black girl in a rapidly escalating scene of anger, misapprehension and lethality informed by a complex of relationships and events which Cha follows like the chain of radioactive ink spreading through the patient s veins in an x ray.The bulk of the action is the story of aftermath, how this one violent event affects the lives of the two families, Korean and black, and their communities and goes on affecting them over time Told in alternating chapters from the point of view of 2019, the main characters are the murdered girl s younger brother, Shawn Matthews, now an ex con working the straight and narrow as a moving man in Palmdale, taking care of his family and the family of his older cousin Ray, still in prison, and the woman s younger daughter Grace Park, a dutiful child who had not yet been born at the time of the shooting The action begins as Grace learns for the first time in 2019 what her mother had done, and Ray comes out of prison to throw Shawn s carefully balanced life into chaos.This is an urban tale which moves into the intersection of political and personal, racial injustice and community solidarity, the preservation of memory, and the ultimate problem of narrative, the simplification of people and situations into a certain package all wrapped up in a terrific, fast moving story of two characters trying to live with the truth.Releases Oct 15, 2019

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    A smart, powerful, fully engaged book that never once blinks or backs down or takes an easy out, and then nails one of the best endings I ve ever read.

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    I won this via goodreads giveaways in exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own Well done book, but not my cup of tea unfortunately

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    Timely, unflinching, and delving deep into the heart of a conflict that divided LA This is exactly the kind of literary crime novel you hope for one which goes beyond news articles and rote analysis and digs into the heart and experience of the people who lived it This is a heartfelt exploration of both sides of a deep conflict, a conflict with social and historical relevance but one which starts and ends with two families Won t spoil the ending but for me it really brought home the relevance of this book to our present moment.

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    Steph Cha delivers a subtle and morally complex work of fiction based on the 1991 murder of a 15 year old black girl by a Korean store owner, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served no jail time Most of the events in the novel take place between June and September 2019 and it sadly feels as though Cha is writing narrative non fiction in real time Mild spoiler alert a riot breaking out in September 2019 two months ahead of my writing this, and a month before the book will be published feels likely to happen than not Cha is a quiet writer, so good at her craft that you might not even notice how good at times An impressive work of fiction that courageously takes on race relations in America today.

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    I loved this book throughout until the end, which wasn t really satisfying After a massive build up there wasn t really an end, and maybe it would have been too complicated an end but it would have been nice to have oneStill, a really quick and engaging read I think this book will do really well when it publishes.

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    In 1992 L.A at the time of rioting tragedies hit the streets hard, and one family in this tale harder.The corruption spreading and the divide, the two sides of the fence of the divided denizens of LA strung through the narrative.Two families need fixing with all the regret and pain travailed.This crucible of good and evil in this L.A before you with a history of violence with innocence and guilt reoccurring strung together words with storytelling skill has carefully laid down truths in the framework of fiction.With the whole whirlwind coming to an end you may shed a tear in its final stages of metamorphosis in the compelling narrative with murder and racial tension, past and ongoing, from a tragedy in the 1992 LA riots to present day, has complexities of the human condition to ruminate within the reader.Your house will pay, but ultimately a price no one wants to pay, who will pay and suffer by the end of this compelling tale.Review also

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