Your Perfect Life

Your Perfect Life Heartwarming smiley story This was a cool read A bit like in the story, the stars aligned and made for everything good I was a bit down recently, just life, kids the usual etc Yes I sound particularly boring My girlfriend Jodie said, you need to read this Suz, it s about everyone having a harder life than yours The awesome thing was it was written by two best friends who met in English class, year 7 This is where I met my best friend who also happened to send this text a month ago Love this So much of this text rang true to me You could tell we are the same era We were matching half drunk smiles and high waisted jeans Jodie and I rocked jeans in the day, I think the girls here did too Unimportant things like fettucine alfredo was talked about, we loved this stuff It was simply the same era and it was weird in a good way and I could relate and absorb in equal measure Rachel Zoe, TMZ and lots and lots of name dropping occurred as well, in this 1900 s naughties noughties Freaky Friday story of body swapping on the night of the 20 year high school reunion I remember my reunion, I d had a nasty stomach virus for days and was very woozy, I walked into the room while everyone wondered who is this chick I d changed a lot since school and loved those turning heads, Although I didn t realise this was the case, I never know what s going on.The daily life happenings here were so true Imagine the best friend who s a celebrity gossip TV presenter changing bodies with her bestie mum to two teens and a toddlerI d imagined them playing with their baby sister, but instead they bathed her silently, Sophie reaching back to check her phone every few minutes and Audrey braiding the same section of her hair over and over again Loved the indulgence aka a personal shopper at Macys for a 16 year old and loved the pop culture references that were apt for my age 40 year old Melissa McCarthy by the way didn t give a toss about what was in her dressing room at a TV interview, bless her This one was goldI think of Sophie in the barely there miniskirt Why do these young girls need to show so much skin to feel pretty Are women like me to blamesays the celeb half of the relationship This is a good book, thought provoking, down to earth, self deprecating and a teenie bit make believe Girls, what s not to love about that S k nt dan patlad m bir gecede ok do ru bir tercih yaparak bu kitab okumaya ba lad m ak p gitti Konusu filmlerden al k oldu umuz zere beden de i tiren iki yak n arkada Birbirlerinin hayatlar na adapte olmaya al rken bir yandan da bedenlerine geri d nmek i in bir yol ar yorlar Beni deli eden ey birbirlerinin bedenlerine hapsolmu larken hala daha bir eyler saklamalar yav arkada m birbirinizin yerine ge mi siniz onun gibi davranacaks n ama yok s ylemem diyorsun ama neden Sonra birbirlerine yapt klar misillemeler vard neyse bunlar kitab n tad tuzu e lenerek okudum ke ke biraz daha detayl bir anlat m olsayd merak etti im ya da okumak istedi im bir s r ey vard Ama oldu u haliyle bile g zeldi a rt c bir ekilde i inden kar lacak dersler vard ger i pek okuyan yok ama nys It s easy to glimpse someone else s life and make immediate comparisons about how much easier or better it must be Truth is, we all have an element in our life that someone else desperately wishes for, whether it s education, time, family, career, appearance, money, health, opportunitythe list goes on Your Perfect Life shows a prime example of this Two women who think one another has got it all until they wake up in each other s body and are forced to live each other s life Slowly but surely, they begin to realize that the grass isn t always greener and appreciation eventually dawns view spoiler I especially liked the parts that show that being a supermom isn t healthy for anyone and it was an interesting perspective to see how this dynamic might affect the father in the household hide spoiler Your Perfect Life gets 5 perfect stars from me I loved, loved, loved it Admittedly when I originally read the premise I thought hasn t this idea been done a million times before Then I thought well it is Liz and Lisa so I sure it will still be good Well don t let that worry you, these authors put such a different spin on this you will love it Rachael and Casey have been BFF s most of their life hmmm sounds like someone we know Casey Lee has a successful career as a host of Gossip TV She rubs shoulders with the rich and famous and her career is her life Meanwhile her BFF Rachel chose early on to give up her aspirations of the same career, choosing to marry her high school sweetheart and have a family All is fine until their high school reunion, where each girl bitterly begins to think maybe they chose the wrong path Boom they are inserted into each other bodies after toasting with a shot When I have watched body switch themed shows or books I found them a bit zany, crazy and hard to believe of course Somehow I totally bought in to the fact that these two switched bodies I think because the characters were so well developed, that believe it or not I would forget that they had switched I got so involved in their stories that I wondered how each would tackle what was thrown at them next.This was such a fun book that I flew through the pages I loved all the real life references to current celebrities and situations Every character was extremely likable and I loved seeing their interactions with each other Highly recommend if you want an entertaining feel good story that will make you laugh and smile I have read a couple Liz and Lisa books and this is my favorite so far I can t wait to get my hands on their new one An engaging, witty, humorous, and insightful read about the meaning of best friends, and the grass is not always greener If you enjoy the idea of switching lives, you will love this delicious read of two women friends from early childhood, living two different lives, and yet sometimes envious of the other until they find by walking in their shoes, may not be their cup of tea, after all In particular is you like Freaky Friday, Sliding Doors, Trading Places, or others such as The Change Up, you will be fascinated to explore and tap into lessons learned from this journey.In the case of Your Perfect Life, you may need to walk a mile in someone else s shoes to really understand yourself This enjoyable read dives into how certain dynamics and roles each woman plays, which changes from the beginning of the book to the end The authors did an exceptional job of putting the day to day activities together of each woman into the body of their best friend, to compare family dynamics of single life versus married The way the story was introduced was a brilliant set up a class reunion always brings out the best and worst of anyone, so a perfect starting point A lesson and inspiration to each of us, as sometimes the answer is right in front of us however, we may have to learn from life s lessons, to enable us to circle back and appreciate our own lives In a way, each of us could learn from an experience such as this fictional one the hard truths about ourselves such as Casey and Rachel, as they were not able to see clearly until they switched places These two best friends forever have a real life changing experience, while in the switch mode learning hard truths about themselves Casey, the glamorous, single and successful one would seem on the surface very appealingso than Rachel Rachel, the woman who married her high school sweetheart with a family and sacrificed her career for her family s needs does she really have it all what any woman would want However, as the switch takes place you see the pros and cons which may not have been recognized initially Pretending and faking it became a necessity for these two leading ladies leading them topositive things and becomes empowering for both women A question to reflect and ponder were they pretending to be someone else at times even before the switch Your Perfect Life is an ideal book for book clubs and discussions, as there is so much to discuss about having it all What does it mean, and did each woman have the Perfect Life already The book includes a wonderful Readers Club Guide at the ending, which should jump start a lively discussion of what ifs, as you go deep into the relationships and meanings for each of the protagonists.I look forward to readingfrom these two real life BFFs special thank you to Atria Books, Washington Square Press, and NetGalley for this ARC, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This is the book that is going to set the bar for my 2014 reading Smiled, laughed and cried throughout LOVED it Reviewed here With A Delicious, Page Turning Premise, And Sweet And Surprising Insights New York Times Bestselling Author Jen Lancaster , Your Perfect Life Perfectly Illustrates That Old Adage Sometimes, You To Have To Walk A Mile In Someone Else S Shoes To See What S In Her HeartBest Friends Since Childhood, Casey And Rachel Couldn T Lead Different Lives While Workaholic Casey Rubs Elbows With Celebrities Daily As The Host Of Gossip TV And Comes Home Nightly To An Empty Apartment, Stay At Home Mom Rachel Juggles An Oops Baby, Two Fiery Teenagers, And A Husband Who Barely Seems The Man She Fell In Love With Two Decades Before After An Argument At Their Twentieth High School Reunion, Casey And Rachel Throw Back Shots To Get The Night Back On Track Instead, They Get A Life Changing HangoverWaking Up In Each Other S Bodies The Next Morning, They Must Figure Out How To Navigate Their Altered Realities Rachel Is Forced To Confront The Reason She Gave Up Her Broadcasting Dreams When She Got Pregnant In College, And Casey Finally Steps Out Of The Spotlight To Face The Truth About Why She S Alone And They Soon Discover That They Don T Know Themselves Or Their Best Friend Nearly As Well As They Thought They DidLiz Fenton And Lisa Steinke Bring Humor And Heart To Every Page Of This Novel That Is Sure To Please Fans Of In Her Shoes And The Opposite Of Me Your Perfect Life Is A Story About Two Very Different Women, What They Didn T Know About Each Other, And How, By Switching Lives, They Each Learn To Appreciate Their Own Shelf Notes ReviewDear Reader,How cute is this book I was a little apprehensive I m not the romance or chick lit type of reader and feared this would be the type of book made into a Lifetime movie I was wrong If this is made into a movie, they better steer clear of Lifetime Your Perfect Life follows that old switch a roo plot line but these ladies do it right One woman, Rachel, is a stay at home mom with three kids, the other woman, Casey, is trying to climb the ladder of journalism using her starring role as a TV Host for GossipTV I found Casey s storyline very intriguing, but maybe that was because I m not married with kids I wonder if the Authors intended this to be the case, so that most readers can relate to one or the other When they Rachel Casey attend their High School Reunion, they find each other struggling to find common ground with one another, hardly finding enough time for their friendship nor recognizing the hard work the other goes through Some unexplained magical bartender sees this interaction and decides to magically switch their lives, giving them the opportunity to see what life is like in the others shoes Liz Lisa, the Authors, have a great collaboration here I love that these two came together and wrote this book, giving it uber charm I liked all the little details they ve thought of, for example After the switch, the only person who might have an inkling that this has happened is Rachel s toddler who gives slight clues to the reader that the child is in tune with the switch.This book made me think about my own relationships with my High School friends, and how we ve grown apart but still keep in touch I do think circumstances such as having kids, focusing on a career, traveling, can put a distance on a relationship If we look at what High School means, everyone having that same life experience, you ll see we select our friends based on common interests Those interests might not go away but as we grow up our priorities DO change We begin to thinkabout our day to day life, spendtime with the families we ve created and those common interests tend to sit by the wayside What I love about this book is how it got me to think about that, how it makes you think about what it would be like to be in someone elses shoes If I had kids, lived a different life would I be too busy, what about a mother who doesn t work 8 hours a day, would she feel just as exhausted Sometimes changing things up breathes new life into things I think everyone needs to have a refreshing look on their own lives every now and then, and wouldn t it be nice to be forced into appreciating your life like these two were.Okay, so maybe a magical bartender isn t going to switch things up for me but I can do that on my own, and reading Your Perfect Life has reminded me that I SHOULD be doing just that I should stop complaining that I don t have enough energy to call everyone back, to go out during the work week I need to realize what is important in life and worth my energy My friends are definitely worth that. so thank you Liz Lisa, for getting me to realize that So yes, this is a book that follows a cliche, one that has been rehashed a million times over but that one makes you think, brings some insight and that is what I think makes this book shine.Happy Reading,AmberBug 5 verdim ama 4,9 I am a child of the 1980s, so movies like Vice Versa and Like Father, Like Son, where people switch bodies souls, are something I can t resist I also love books about women, motherhood, friendship, etc Your Perfect Life takes on this fun and in the movies, often corny premise in such a mature, thoughtful and thought provoking way It is such a fun girl read reminiscent of books I loved in junior high, but tailored for grown ups girls and written with grace and poignancy What amazed me about this book is that two writers authored it two best friends As a writer myself, I can t imagine working that closely with another person But Fenton and Steinke pull it off beautifully The chapters switch POV between Casey and Rachel, two best friends who I identified with in different ways I loved them both and saw aspects of myself in each of them And yet, I felt as if the same person had written both sets of chapters, which I know now isn t the case How did they make it flow so well and seamlessly Magic This is strong women s fiction that isn t trying to change the world or take on ripped from the headlines topics It s a human story, a women s story Despite the soul body switch up that sets this book in motion, the story is about everyday life These are everyday characters, but they stay with you long after you finish the book, probably because they remind you so much of yourself. to read about them and their four other novels Their Charts bestselling suspense novel, The Good Widow, The Year We Turned Forty, The Status of All Things and Your Perfect Life.Connect with Liz and Lisa on social media

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  • Your Perfect Life
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