Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training, #1)

Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training, #1) After Pulling A Magical Thunderbolt From A Stone, Ten Year Old Zeus Goes On The Adventure Of A Lifetime In This Thrilling Start To A Brand New Series The Terrible Titans Merciless Giants Who Enjoy Snacking On Humans Have Dominated The Earth And Put The World Into Chaos But Their Rule Is About To Be Put To The Test As A Group Of Young Olympians Discover Their Powers And Prepare To Righteously Rule The Universe Ten Year Old Zeus Is Mystified And Super Annoyed By The Fact That He Keeps Getting Hit By Lightening Every Single Year He Also Longs For Adventure, As He Has Never Been Far From The Cave Where He Grew Up Zeus Gets His Wish And A Lot Than He Bargained For When He Is Kidnapped By Dangerous, Giant Titans In Self Defense, Zeus Grabs The First Thing He Sees An Actual Thunderbolt He Pulls From A Stone That Is Covered In Mysterious Markings Zeus Is The Only One Who Can Decipher The Markings, And Sets Off On A Quest To Rescue His Fellow Olympians From The Evil Cronus Armed With His Trusty Thunderbolt Named Bolt, Of Course , Zeus Is On An Adventure Of A Lifetime And A Journey To Fulfill His Destiny As King Of The Gods

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  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training, #1)
  • Joan Holub
  • English
  • 08 March 2018
  • 9781442457874

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    This is energetic and entertaining This is Greek mythology before the Olympians ascend to Olympus Chronos is still king of the world and threatening the humans in the world The Olympians are still in his stomach accept Zeus The interesting thing about this is it focuses on the part of the story that rarely gets talked about Usually it s all about after Zeus has been crowned King of the Gods So Zeus is 10 That is the good part The not so good part is there really isn t much of the archetypes of the gods in the characters Zeus doesn t really act like Zeus or pre Zeus I guess that bugs me, but it s a nice take on Rick Riordan mythology It would be a good beginning series to start for young kids or people who enjoy Mythology like myself Don t expect what you know or expect These are new characters with new traits.

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    This is an different take on Greek mythology It introduces a Zeus that doesn t know he s an Olympian Through sheer accident and luck, he embarks on a quest As he proceeds on his quest, he discovers some of the powers that he has It s an OK story, but Zeus doesn t really move the plot, so he isn t really an interesting character.

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    4.5 starsFrom the authors of the Goddess Girls series, comes a brand new series with whole new cast of characters, Heroes in Training Though some of the characters have the same name of those who are in their Goddess Girls series, these characters are anything but the same I really enjoyed the creative spin Joan and Suzanne have given this Zeus It makes reading about his epic adventure appealing to a much younger audience and it s a great introduction to Greek mythology for young readers Combine that with the length of this book, and I think this one even a reluctant reader will enjoy It s a fun, fast paced read with a handful of great illustrations that help bring this story to life We all know Zeus as this great powerful God whom many feared, but before he become that fearless leader he was just your average awkward teen who sought out adventure Maybe that fearlessness he had when he s first introduced to the story, and the fact he was hit my lightening than anyone you ve ever read about will be an indication about the type of person he came to be Orphaned, and alone, Zeus knows how to defend himself, and do what it takes to survive So when the giants come and take him away, he s not as scared as you might except a young Zeus to be This leads him to one of my favorite characters in this story his thunderbolt, Bolt Similar to that of a loyal dog, once Zeus found or rather retrieved Bolt they became inseparable and had each other s backs.There are a few other well known Olympians in this story, but the primary focus is on Zeus, Bolt and their quest to save the others Don t worry, Poseidon, and Hera both make appearances in this book, as dose a rather comical Oracle Though she s suppose to be able to tell the future, Oracle s often foggy glasses tend to confuse her a little bit and she might mix a few things up Her part in this series is definitely humorous and one I think a lot of readers will enjoy This series reads like a greek mythology for kids One of things I enjoyed about this original spin on Zeus is how relatable Joan and Suzanne make Zeus, while at the same time staying true to the heart of Greek Mythology It s modernized and yet still loyal to the mythology many of us grew up reading It s fun, easy to follow along and full of adventure This creative spin on Zeus s epic adventure is sure to be a hit with young readers

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    Flash Boom The storm raged all around him as he cowered behind a boulder This cave was his home the only one he d ever known And as far back as he can remember, thunderstorms had been a daily event here in Crete Zeus and the Thunderbolt of DoomPythia, the Oracle of Delphi who can see the future, has witnessed a very important prophecy While the world is now ruled by King Cronus and the other Titan giants, heroes known as Olympians will soon arise They will fight against the evil Titans, but first they need a leader to unite and guide them all However, this leader is not even aware of his destiny yet In fact, he is to be a brave young god boy who will one day become the king of the gods if he accepts the challenge.Zeus was abandoned as a child and has lived on the boring Greek island of Crete for as long as he can remember, raised only by a goat, a silent nymph, and a bee Life is consumed by storms on a frequent basis To make matters worse, lightning always seems to come after him, hoping to strike and succeeding most of the time But out of the blue come three half giants who forcefully kidnap Zeus and decide to use him as food They put him on their ship to take with them, but giant bird humans intercept their efforts at sea and whisk Zeus away When they finally let him down, they have already reached land, and half giants come to attack him Running inside of a nearby building for shelter, he discovers a thunderbolt lodged inside of a stone He pulls it out, only to find that the thunderbolt thinks for itself It s called Bolt, and with this new companion weapon and a talking stone amulet, Zeus goes on the biggest journey of his life Adventure is hiding and ultimately lurking behind every corner, and Zeus is just about to find out what being a hero truly means When will he ever discover his destiny of being king of the gods Will he accept his destiny and defeat Cronus with the other Olympians, or will he fall short, allowing the world to fall into chaos My Review I have read the first three books that are part of the Heroes in Training series so far, and this review will encompass all of my thoughts thus far I will make sure not to mention any spoilers though, so don t worry Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams have done a wonderful job bringing the old Greek myths to life for young readers Their rendition of the Olympians is both refreshing and enjoyable to partake in, and these books are probably one of my top recommendations for adolescent, picky readers By allowing the youthful heroes to start out at the age they did, I feel as though the audience will be able to get the full experience when it comes to seeing the characters grow not only as they age, but also as they come into their own powers and individual self discoveries Zeus is a character whom I did not expect to really take a liking to My impression of him includes a pompous, full of himself disposition that does not lack selfishness This is largely due to many other Greek stories that I have read and encountered over the years However, Heroes in Training, Poseidon and the Sea of Fury, and Hades and the Helm of Darkness introduced me to a whole other vulnerable, side of Zeus, and I was deeply surprised by this Zeus may become the king of the gods, a position that is sure to go to anybody s head, but he also has quite a few redeemable qualities, as demonstrated in Williams and Holub s series Zeus is passionate, brave, and caring Sure, he can be bossy, arrogant, and occasionally pompous as I originally thought , but these traits are trumped by the lovable ones I suppose that you could call me pleasantly surprised Bolt is definitely the most memorable character This thunderbolt has loads of personality that will leave you smiling It is similar to a dog that refuses to detach itself from its owner Something else unique in these books is Chip, the talking stone amulet that speaks in Chip Latin This language is similar to Pig Latin except for the fact that you move the first letter of a word to the end and add an ip sound to it instead of ay This will most likely make sense when you pick up the book This series takes the Olympians on a different and wild adventure every installment and they are filled with action Readers are sure to never get bored Also, the illustrations by Craig Phillips really add to and enrich the story Of course, there is the additional humor as well No matter how horrible Zeus and his companion s lives may become, they can always lighten the mood with their humor There is something special with this series, and I will surely continue on with it You can see reviews like this one and at

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    My son and I read and reviewed this book for Here s what we think SON SAYS What I liked and disliked about it I really liked the story because it was a good adventure The Harpies were cool but also scary At first I thought they would take Zeus somewhere bad, but they actually saved him That was nice.It was funny how Zeus had a pet thunderbolt that was stuck to his hand I wish I had a pet thunderbolt I would pet it like a kitty cat insert Mom rolling her eyes and saying, Focus, focus son It was cute how the goat and bee looked after Zeus and it was different because usually people take care of animals, but here the animals take care of the person.It was funny how Pythia the Oracle kept pronouncing things wrong and saying the wrong words because her glasses were foggy like saying underwear instead of underworld and saying greasy instead of easy and Goose instead of Zeus The tiny rock was cute because it had a tiny voice that used Chip Latin that was funny.I liked the pictures in the book One of them was kind of scary the one of the Harpies carrying Zeus That would be scary in real life because I d be scared that they would drop me from so high up.I didn t like that there were people in Cronus tummy it was bad and I was glad that they got rescued But it was a yucky way to get out.My bottom line I really, really liked this book and I can t wait to read the next book I would recommend it to boys and girls 9 years and under.MOM SAYS What I liked and disliked The writing team of Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams did not disappoint this book was fantastic The entertaining story and whimsical writing style of the duo left us laughing out loud at some points, on the edge of our seats for others, and cheering for the heroes at the end This book has it all a likable and courageous hero in Zeus, comic relief provided by Pythia the Oracle, quirky elements such as a goat and a bee helping the nymphs raise a baby Zeus, nasty villains in the terrible King Cronus and his Cronies, and a riveting plot line based in Greek mythology.The characters are not original but it was fun to read about Zeus history prior to becoming the King of the Gods Much of Zeus early days is usually referenced in passing only or glossed over entirely in the myths of ancient Greece This story gives us a comedic and enthralling peek into the thoughts and life of a young Zeus as well as introducing us to a young Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia Their depiction as youths was very entertaining The black and white illustrations in the book were really good There was one picture per chapter depicting the major action taking place in the chapter That felt just right The word density in this 1oo page book was relatively low for a chapter book which made it easy to read aloud to my children It only took three days about 2o minutes each reading session to read the book It really was non stop action from start to finish no attention span issues in my kids with this one While this did not personally bother me, it may be worth mentioning that there are elements of gross in the book As mentioned above by my son, the way the prisoners in King Cronus stomach escape is rather gross I ll just let you use your imagination for how they got out lol It was not an issue for me, nor did it particularly faze my kids they just said Ewwww Gross .My bottom line This book was so much fun to read to my kids All three of us were glued to our seats with this story I would highly recommend this book as a read aloud book to kids as young as 5 and to independent readers 7 years old and up Truly, truly loved it Heroes in Training Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom was provided to us by the author free of charge in exchange for our honest review

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    A book for the younger age group, this is an exciting story that introduces kids to the world of Greek mythology Set at the time when King Cronus, the Titan, has devoured the Olympians we start off with Zeus being an abandoned orphan now 10 years old The book is pretty much all plot and action concentrating on Zeus and how he acquires his Thunderbolt He meets up with half giants, harpies and eventually the Titans themselves Near the end of the book, fellow 10 year old Hera and Poseidon are introduced as the next quest is given to the threesome which leaves us ready for the next book While taking many liberties with Greek mythology the basics are there and this book for the youngest readers could open up an interest in the topic for those not ready yet for such books as the Percy Jackson series A fun story, very much action oriented.

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    In Heroes in Training, Oracle Pythia has prophesied that a band of rightful rulers called Olympians will arise Though their size and youth are no match for the Titans, they will be giant in heart, mind and spirit One of the strengths and appeal of this book was the humor Especially, when Zeus gets kidnapped by three half giants and is wearing one of their helmets like a walking jail cell Being shorter in length then Goddess Girls, I think this would make a great read for a reluctant reader because of its fast pace and black and white illustrations, as well as nice spins on the God s stories.

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    I read this for M.C.B.A and I definitely think that it is targeted towards younger kids The plot had very little depth and I found myself questioning the story I would ve read this when I was 8 so I don t recommend it to anyone else in 6th grade.

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    I live for YAbut this was too young for me No depth of character, no dramajust a short little Percy Jackson Wannabe story Meh.

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