Zombie Candy (Annie Ogden, #2)

Zombie Candy (Annie Ogden, #2) From Her Gorgeous Husband To Her Acclaimed Cooking Classes, Candace Roach S Life Looks Nearly Perfect From The Outside Well, Appearances Can Be Deceiving Her Husband, Larry, Has Three Unruly Addictions That Drive Her To The Brink Zombie Movies, Cilantro, And Having Sex With Other Women Luckily, Her Best Friend Annie Ogden Is Back From Iraq And Armed With A Private Investigator S License And A Fierce Determination To See Candace Happy AgainTogether, The Women Uncover The Ridiculous Extent Of Larry S Infidelity He Needs To Be Punished,that Much Is Clear But How Can They Hit Him Where It Counts Oh, If Only She Could Find A Way To Tap Into Those Three Little Addictions What A Lesson That Would Be Italy Is Calling, As Are The Zombies In The Night, As Suburban Housewife Candace Roach Transforms Herself Into The Ultimate Fidelity Vigilante, Complete With A Badass Motorcycle, A Very Small Pistol, And The Nom De Guerre Zombie Candy What Readers Are SayingFasten Your Seat Belts For The Wild Ride Provided By This Graphic And Gritty Work Full Of Twists, Turns, Surprises And Gourmet Recipes To Boot I Laughed Until My Sides Hurt Brooke Does A Fantastic Job Of Paying Homage To The Zombie Movies We Love In This Hilarious Parody Annie Ogden Fans Will Not Be Disappointed Zombie Candy Is A Tasty Morsel Of Revenge, Regret, Renewal, Friendship And Love With A Zombie Invasion That S As Good And Fun As A Box Of Good N Plenty Overall ZOMBIE CANDY Is An Extraordinarily Fun Ride, But Not Your Clich Roller Coaster No, This Ones Builds To A Crescendo, Again Walking The Reader And The Victim Through The Labyrinth Of One Of The Best Revenge Stories I Ve Read In A Long While Brooke Keeps Us Guessing The Whole Time, And Then Leaves You With Your Mouth Hanging Open At The End Did I Just Read That The First Wives Club With Zombies And Cooking But Without Cilantro I Looked My Husband As I Was Reading The Story And Said, Some Of You Men Are Dogs Everyone Should Purchase This Book, Especially If You Have A Friend Who Has Dealt With A Lying, Cheating Spouse And Needs A Good Laugh And A Little Vengeful Inspiration If You Ve Ever Been In A Relationship With A Cheater, I Think You Ll Get A Kick Out Of Reading One Woman S Story Of How She Got Even From The Awkward Moments Of Infidelities Exposed At Dinner Parties, Botched Sexual Encounters Of An Obvious Sex Addict, To The Gruesome Zombie Attacks That Will Shock And Amuse, This Book Kept Me Reading Well Past My BedtimeThis Book Has All The Ingredients Of A Perfect Noir Comedy Well Formed Characters, International Locations, A Fast Moving Plot With No Brakes, And Of Course Zombies Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold And As A Betrayed Wife, Master Chef And Cookery Instructor, Candace Cooks Up The Perfect Recipe For The Ultimate Gazpacho Those who know me, are well aware that I hate horror stories and stay well away from books written by Edgar Alan Poe or Stephen King But I knew this book was not just a mindless book on Zombies The theme did run across the book and how, but the book was about human emotions and interplay between people be it Larry the splitting image of Russel Crowe who cheats on his wife Candace, or that between Candace and her best friend Annie, who after being a war veteran in Iraq has just got her private investigator license or the unique friendship a platonic one that developed between Larry and Roberta, who he once wanted to get in bed with Larry is addicted to sex and to zombie movies and has since long stopped caring for his wife His utter disregard for her, is aptly captured through his actions such as sprinkling heaps of chopped cilantro on her gourmet meals thereby drowning their very flavours, pinching her midriff even as she is sensitive about being called fat thanks largely to her need to get over her depression of a failing marriage by binging, and her gourmet cooking classes The novel opens up with Candace finding an itsy bitsy black bra in Larry s suitcase it certainly doesn t belong to her There is a showdown, just as the couple, Annie, Annie s sister and husband are sitting down for a meal lovingly prepared by Candace Annie reluctantly takes up the task of unearthingskeletons in Larry s cupboard with her former instructor, Salvatore Well, Larry falls for each and every bait thrown in his wake, perhaps with the sole exception of Roberta who becomes his close confidant His infidelity opens up old wounds and the going is tough not just for Candace but also for Annie but their friendship continues to be strong Candace has enough evidence on her hand to get a divorce, but she wants revenge and it does not stop at her scratching Larry s car or even shooting him her aim isn t that good anyway, she is a beginner She uses his fantasy of Zombies to get back at him and how Set in the quaint Italian town of Monte Chianti, Candace becomes quite the icon for the village belles, who never again will take things lying down I shall not add spoilers by saying how the book ends, believe me you, there are many unexpected twists and turns I loved the setting of Monte Chianti, the importance of family to Italians was well brought out.A big bonanza are Candace s recipes which are available at the end of the book I can t wait to try out Eggplant Cutlets with Spicy Red Pepper and Yoghurt sauce Eggplant with Youghurt are basic ingredients of an Indian recipe called Baigan Ka Bharta But just like the book, this recipe promises to be different and interesting I say yes, to cilantro just a sprinkling of it , but I also say a big YES to this book. You know early on, from the color of the inappropriate bra in the opening scenes, that this is going to be a black comedy In a world where focus and individuality are the agents of success, the line between obsession and personal expression may be blurred In one of the whackiest stories that I have ever read, I found my own my own moral judgement challenged as I laughed out loud at the ever unfortunate hero Most people could sympathize with those obsessed by sex and Zombie movies, but who could live with an obsession for culinary herbs If you find this strangely conflicting then you are on the right wavelength to get the maximum value from this book.Frederick Brooke serves up another literary treat with this bizarre and comical tale of love and betrayal Candace Roach enlists her best friend Annie Ogden our favorite sleuth from Doing Max Vinyl to find out what her husband is up to but their home cooked aversion therapy gets out of hand and hurtles along an astonishing highway of the Undead.This book has all the ingredients of a perfect noir comedy well formed characters, international locations, a fast moving plot with no brakes, and of course Zombies Revenge is a dish best served cold and as a betrayed wife, master chef and cookery instructor, Candace cooks up the perfect recipe for the ultimate gazpacho. I know what you are thinking, of course I am reviewing this book, it has Zombie s in the title, well before we go on, I want to make something clear, this is not a zombie book in the sense of what many of my blog readers expect Yet, as I sit here and type that this is not a post apocalyptic tale of survival, I realize this is a story of survival just not one after a zombie apocalypse Then I start typing, this is not a tale about the crazed undead running around obsessed with eating brains and I realize, wait, it is about obsession In Zombie Candy there is a lot of focused and mindless obsession sprinkled throughout the novel But I will repeat, though this book is not about Zombies it includes the obsession of zombies in today s pop culture as a plot device.Let s talk about titles, a title can make or break a book This title is going to get Frederick sales because people like me are going to buy it When we read it we will be a bit confused, but most of us will finish it and we will go on to recommend it to everyone, including and even especially to those who are followers of the zombie pop culture movement But wait, you are saying, If it is not a zombie story, why am I going to want to read this Well let me tell you, it made me laugh at myself a bit because since it is a tale involving obsession and this one part is exploring the obsession of one individuals own zombie movies in particular, it is definitely worth the read.OK, that is not enough Frederick Lee Brooke has obsession down Not just in his characters, but I am betting he has a bit of an obsessive personality, especially after reading the first Annie Ogden Mystery, his obsession of which caused me frustration I was reading it because it was labeled as a mystery when it wasof a thriller, there was no mystery for the reader just the characters involved The character development is very in depth and therefore took up a lot of the novel Was it badly written No it was not a mystery and I got hung up on that one thing, hence my own obsession.But we are talking about Zombie Candy, I already know who Annie Ogden is, her character and her personality Do you need to read the first one before this No, he includes enough development that we understand her, and her own obsessions seeing a theme here This was not an unusual story Wife is has a dog of a husband She hires private investigators to find out the dirt Wife finds dirt out, wife decided to get revenge before serving him with divorce papers, yada yada The difference and what makes this an exceptional version of this story arc, is it s intricacy and fearless reach outwards to the almost fantastical edge of crazy town obsession The main character is Annie s best friend from college, Candice is someone who has pretty low self esteem due to her weight and her husbands commentary over it After the first book, Annie took classes at a PI firm and in the beginning of the novel is having dinner with Candice and her husband Larry s Candice is also a chef who teaches classes on cooking hence the weight gain We open up with Larry being a verbal and psychological abusive jerk to his wife to the point of pinching her percieved fat roll.So we open with Candice obviously upset, but she is upset withthan his actions towards her, but what she has found in his suitcase In this brief episode at the dinner table we get a taste test for the flavor of the whole novel Larry s obsessive personality is introduced with his need to sprinkle cilantro on everything, Candice s with cooking and the subsequent weight she has put on because this and Annie s own compulsion and obsession over the happiness of all around her, especially her friends.As the tale progresses each of these obsessions become bigger andoutrageous We discover that Larry s obsession with zombie movies is as bad as his obsession with sex and women Candice ends up transferring her obsession with her weight into losing it and getting back at Larry before divorcing him by going on to what seems to be a further and further off the deep end aggressive attempt to gain control back over her life Annie s own obsession with making people happy instead of focusing on her own happiness becomesprevalent and even begins to be resolved near the end.In the end the obsessions above continue to grow and rise, much like a great dough recipe with Fredrick Lee Brooke kneading each person s experiences till everything is just right Throw in a delightful trip to a village in the Tuscany district in Italy and you have a complete dish Serve it up finished with the lives of everyone changed for ever as the prefect ingredients The sauce All that zombie goodness and sauce is what makes or breaks a good Italian dish Now just throw it in the oven and see how much a well cooked up zombie can changes your life too Zombie Candy Well read the book and see I give this book a 4 out of 5 set of moose tracks My obsession with zombies in this paragraph For my special pizza recipe I created just for this book, head on over to Cabin Goddess I promise no brains or cilantro will be part of this pizza At first, when I read the title I thought that this was a book for zombies, a zombie mystery that Annie Ogden had to solve OMG, I was very wrong This book was muchthan that At the centre of the plot is Candace, human, who doesn t want to be called Candy and her husband Larry, also human, who looks like Russell Crow and his favorite entertainment are zombie movies Candace cooks well, so she is giving cooking classes in her kitchen Larry is a traveling salesman and most of the weekdays is out of town.It all started when Candace found a black bra that wasn t hers in her husband s travel bag Her husband was cheating on her Why And who with Who was the owner of the black bra, who was the mysterious woman I don t want to reveal , but at first I thought that Candace was a weak person How can you blame yourself for your husband s affairs Just because you gained some weight, it s not a reason for him to cheat on you But Candace wasn t weak person at all, she was a woman in love She asked some help from her friend Annie, human too, a private investigator, to help her nail her cheating husband And then the party started.This book has it all Love, sex, cheating, revenge, zombies It was above my expectations Revenge is sweet after all I had a lot of fun reading this book I ve found Mr Lee Brooke s style of writing very entertaining I ve never thought that a man can write that well about woman s feelings.This was Annie Ogden s mystery, but her role in the book was very small Candace was the main character The story started slowly, but it was getting better and better I got hooked and couldn t put my kindle down until the last page I will recommend this book for everyone. There s alot at work here in this book When Candace finds a black bra in her husband, Larry s suitcase after a trip she chooses her dinner party to reveal his skeletons And what s a guy to do but deny, deny, deny What evolves from that isthan a plot for revenge You follow Candace on her journey of grief, anger, weight loss, and final acceptance as her revenge is unfolded She also has regrets about the past and Larry s infidelity opens up old wounds that Candace has long buried.As a zombie AND cilantro lover I had trouble identifying with Candace at first Who doesn t love a zombie movie But as the story went on, I found myself sympathizing with her and I was definately along for the ride Especially during the flashback sequences Her issues with her weight and thinking losing 15 pounds will revolutnize her life, is something I think all woman can relate to.Zombie Candy is hard to catagorize It isn t a straight PI mystery there s no murder, and through most of it the PI isn t the main character There is alot of black comedy and drama It really is a melting pot of genres into one well written, easy and exciting read Myself a lover of traditional mysteries and zombie fiction, even though Zombie Candy strays from the norm, I really enjoyed it and was able to finish it in 3 days The characters are fleshed out like real people, all their ups and downs, and are engaging I wanted to know what happened to them, what would happen to Larry, and if Candace was going to be able to go on with her life once everything was settled There is also a real love for the exotic locations in the last part of the book that comes across the pages in a loving way were parts were I cringed, laughed out loud, and thought to myself Oh NO, she just DIDNT do THAT And the end revenge plot I won t spoil that, but it will make you smile and in the end, there s just a tiny bit of horror to keep the heart pumping. Whenever I read one of Frederick Lee Brooke s books, I have one problem with them they simply can t be assigned to a certain category There s so much in this story tons of humor most of it black as the deepest night, so beware, ye faint of heart readers , multi layered characters, a bit of romance, cooking, dieting, zombies, action, sex and an ironic, profound insight on human nature and how a primal, reckless creature a zombie, one might say in this case still lurks behind our civilized behaviour Most of all, this book is about a deep, caring friendship between two women that prevails over all hardships of life The theme runs through the story like a red thread, giving hope and softening the merciless honesty of the author s reflections on middle aged couples married life.However, Brooke never judges or divides his characters into good and bad, it s not that easy He simply emphasizes strengths and weaknesses Even if the roles seem to be clearly defined in the beginning, I actually started to feel compassion for a lying, betraying serial adulterer while being shocked about the coldness with which his wife who had very good reasons, though seeks out her revenge.I d highly recommend this book to any reader who likes an entertaining, clever, funny and intriguing read which is never predictable As a goodie, Brooke treats us with some mouth watering Italian recipes at the end can t wait to try them out If you still don t know what this book is about, simply imagine The First Wives Club with zombies and cooking But without cilantro. Zombie Candy by Frederick Lee Brooke is a fast past action filled work that isthan just solidly exciting escapist fiction It is not another post apocalypse work but a very well developed account of matrimonial angst and revenge in which zombies play a big part The lead character in the story is Candace, married to Larry, a serial adulterer who rationalizes his actions by telling himself it is kind of his wife s fault as she has gained a lot of weight He has seriously damaged her self esteem with his treatment of her Her very good friend Annie has gotten a license as a private investigator and they come up with a complicated plan for revenge.In a great scene Candace finds a black bra, not her size or color, in her husband s luggage and she confronts him about it is a devastating scene, in front of their friends at a dinner party Annie and her private detective partner follow Larry and confirm his activities Some of the best parts of this marvelous book take place in a small hillside town in Tuscany which the author does a great job of bringing to life for us.Candace is a very well developed character and it was heartwarming to see her self esteem rebuilt.The ending is very shocking and I did not see it coming I really like the epilogue to the book.As a neat bonus, there are some recipes at the end of the book, Candace runs a cooking class I think the recipe for Pork Filets in Cream with Tarragon looks delicious.,Zombie Candy by Frederick Lee Brooke is an exciting, fast reading story with lots of unexpected twists and turns. This story starts off with a well defined character in Candace who has major insecurity issues about the weight she has gained since leaving college She is married to Larry, a zombie movie freak who is a sex addict The hilarious scene with the black bra is one I ll never forget.It s obvious right from the start that the two of them are having serious issues in their marriage Enter her best friend who recently returned from Iraq, Annie She has taken a class to become a PI After being asked to spy on Larry, Annie reluctantly takes her first case, The Case of the Zombie Movie Freak Annie has a secret of her own and fears it will impede not only the case, but her friendship as well After all the evidence is gathered, it forces Candace to make some changes in her life Candace takes control in a way that most women in this situation would love to entertain.Larry is duped into a trip to Italy where the revenge plays out The people of the town, most related to Candace, assist her in this twisted plan that lands Larry in jail.Frederick Brooke serves up the word zombie as both a metaphor of the life Candace lives and the animalistic instincts Larry can t help but follow Through out the story, there are bits and pieces of old LIVING DEAD movies mentioned and yes, even an explanation is given as to why Larry loves them so much Here is the shadowing to the events that transpire later in the novel.You ve got your survivors The survivors have to get somewhere that they ve heard is safe There s lots of fighting, but it s always a handful of people killing hundreds of zombies Do you like watching people shoot each other over and over I like how they band together to survive I like imagining how most of the world would be destroyed Don t you think it could happen Brooke, Frederick Lee Zombie Candy Annie Ogden Mystery 2 Kindle Locations 3049 3052.Imagine if zombies were real Candace gives him just that I can t imagine being able to pull of the ultimate revenge in such fashion The truth is, if Karma allowed me to put something together like this for a couple people who will go unnamed, I wouldn t hesitate to follow through Everyone should purchase this book, especially if you have a friend who has dealt with a lying, cheating spouse and needs a good laugh and a little vengeful inspiration For those who are die hard Walking Dead fans, much like myself they will not be disappointed in reliving some of their favorite old walker movies This is one of the most unique uses of a zombie metaphor I have read in a long time. This book wasn t what I expected at all not by a long shot I had no idea how bizarre and surprisingly unexpected it would be when I downloaded a copy off Kindle I just wanted something fun and easy to read over the summer, and I liked the fact that it was a zombie book that wasn t really about zombies themselves so much as zombie culture It s bizarre arguably but it s also extremely well written The author has such a masterful handle on the story that he easily lures you deeper into this emotional work about one woman s revenge on her cheating husband, neatly wrapping in several other character plots at the same time without breaking a sweat At one point I even felt sorry for the cheater and found myself rooting for him to find real love at last with either his estranged wife or his new transsexual companion Brooke is an amazing writer with a style all his own In addition to countless references to zombie movies, culture, and lore, the story also appeals to me with it s intense character development, foodie references, hatred of cilantro, and the detailed trip to Italy It s like the book was custom tailored to me I will definitely readfrom this author in the future.

Frederick Lee Brooke launched the Annie Ogden Mystery Series in 2011 with Doing Max Vinyl and following with Zombie Candy in 2012, a book that is neither about zombies nor sweets The third mystery in the series, Collateral Damage, appeared in 2013 The first book in Fred s entirely new series, the Drone Wars, is called Saving Raine and appeared in December 2013.A resident of Switzerland for the l

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